aGalaxy Centralized Management System

Sample aGalaxy use case showing SSL and backup retrieval from Europe, upgrades in North America and configurations retrieved and compared from Asia
Gain Visibility into DDoS attacks

The A10 Networks® aGalaxy® Centralized Management System delivers everything that organizations need to gain network visibility and control. The aGalaxy line of hardware and software appliances scales to manage hundreds of A10 Thunder Application Delivery Controller (ADC) or A10 Thunder Threat Protection System (TPS) appliances, streamlining operations and lowering IT costs.  With aGalaxy centralized management system, administrators can monitor and comprehensively analyze their A10 Thunder ADC and Thunder TPS deployments, so they can view Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks in real time and drill down to see the number of current connections handled by an individual appliance. 

Maximize IT Agility and Security
As network operators embrace web scale and DevOps practices such as agile development and continuous deployment, they need to quickly provision changes, identify issues and roll back configuration when necessary. aGalaxy makes it easy to assess the application environment and push out policies to dozens or even hundreds of Thunder ADC or Thunder TPS appliances at once.

Gain Visibility into DDoS Attacks 
aGalaxy aggregates data from multiple sources, providing a rich set of telemetry data to monitor live attacks. Collecting sFlow and syslog data from all Thunder ADC devices under management as well as counters and statistics from Thunder TPS appliances, aGalaxy centralized management system offers a complete picture of network activity and attacks. 

Detect and Mitigate DDoS Attacks in Real Time 
From the aGalaxy Centralized Management System Mitigation Console, security administrators can view a live dashboard of network activity. They can apply mitigation templates or custom countermeasures instantly. With a myriad of policies and thresholds at their fingertips, administrators can granularly regulate traffic and block suspicious activity.

Unify Policy Management
aGalaxy centralized management system provides a unified platform for controlling device and application service settings. It consolidates all management tasks in one location, making it easy for administrators to apply consistent policies across all devices. From the aGalaxy web user interface, administrators can view the status of virtual servers or, for Thunder TPS management, TPS protected objects.

Monitor Application Performance 
aGalaxy provides a global view of your network from the perspective of your application delivery and DDoS protection platforms. Administrators can identify, diagnose and resolve performance problems before they impact user experience. Detailed logs and counters reveal system status. An interactive services map shows the relationship between load-balancing elements in your network.

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