Publishes Essential Tools Enabling Customers to Plan and Deploy an IPv6 Web Presence at No Additional Cost

SAN JOSE, CA, June 6, 2011 -- A10 Networks™, the technology leader in Application Networking, is powering portals, large media sites, web 2.0 companies, and ISPs for World IPv6 Day on June 8th (which effectively starts on June 7th due to time zone differentials). With standard support for Server Load Balancing Protocol Translation (SLB-PT) and native IPv6, A10's flagship AX Series Application Delivery Controller (ADC) family offers flexible choices for deployment. A10's AX Series ADCs are new generation server load balancers with an innovative 64-bit shared-memory and multi-process, multi-core, multi-CPU architecture that leaps the competition in performance, scalability, efficiency and flexibility. To support this effort A10 is publishing collateral to assist beyond World IPv6 Day and offer a unique opportunity for non-participants to test their IPv4 web sites live over IPv6.

"World IPv6 Day offers large scale IPv6 testing and data collection opportunities to a broad segment of our customers,” said Lee Chen, Founder and CEO for A10 Networks. "While Service Providers have evaluated and enabled IPv6 on their networks, World IPv6 Day is clearly focused on the impact to Enterprises and Content Providers, and we are pleased to be the platform of choice for IPv6 deployments for this global event, extending our leadership in this market over the last few years."

AX Series solutions for World IPv6 Day and beyond include:

  • Rapid Deployment with Native IPv6 SLB or SLB-PT
    • SLB-PT Ready: Enables customers at no additional charge to deploy an IPv6 web presence in minutes with their existing IPv4 web site. Reduces equipment cost and management overhead and eliminates duplicate content. For deployment issues, e.g. legacy IPv4 applications and hard-coded IPv4 links, A10 provides aFleX scripting tools to ensure a seamless IPv6 experience.
    • Native IPv6 Ready: The AX Series has full support and feature parity with IPv4 features allowing native IPv6 sites to deploy ADC/SLB solutions as needed.
    • IPv6 Management: Full support for management function is enabled on the AX Series.
  • Unique IPv6 Web Site Testing for IPv4-Only Web Sites
    • A10 offers a unique tool to assess IPv4 web site readiness for IPv6 on public production web sites. For those customers unable to deploy an AX Series in their network and/or unable to participate in World IPv6 Day, the door is not closed. Contact A10 Networks at for more details and to register for participation. The program requires zero configuration changes to existing IPv4 web sites and offers insight into potential issues allowing web masters to get a head start on IPv6 readiness.
  • World IPv6 Day
    • Participant: A10 is participating with reachable via the IPv6 AAAA record or the IPv4 A record. A10 continues to operate as an IPv6-only web site. The AX Series SLB-PT feature powers the translation to a single content source.
    • IPv6 Forum on the A10 Application Delivery Community for AX Series Customers: A10 Networks' community web site and forum has a dedicated area for World IPv6 Day comments and updates from A10 and customers at A10 Support will continue to be the primary support source.
    • A10 Priority Support Hotline: With World IPv6 Day, A10 Support will be monitoring for issues. If required please contact A10 Support, flagging the issue as related to World IPv6 Day for priority support.
    • Post World IPv6 Panel and Results: A10 will deliver a summary of results from World IPv6 Day in a panel discussion titled “What was Learned from The World IPv6 Day” at the IPv6 World Congress in London on June 15, alongside panelists from ISOC, Yahoo!, Limelight Networks, Google and Cisco. For more information visit:
  • IPv6 SLB-PT Deployment Case Study and Training
    • A10 Networks Corporate IPv6 Deployment Case Study: Examines the issues with deploying the first A10 Networks IPv6 web site in 2010, including challenges faced with Service Providers and DNS Providers, which any Enterprise or Content Provider may experience.
    • SLB-PT Deployment eLearning Video: A free resource to show A10 customers how to deploy IPv6 services with their existing AX Series.

All AX Series platforms are dual-stack ready, ensuring the maximum flexibility with IPv4 and IPv6 protocols, enabling both native support and the most advanced IPv4/IPv6 translation capabilities. All AX Series features are available without extra licensing fees, including aFleX Layer 7 traffic scripting, aXAPI (RESTful XML management API) and more.

All features and functionality are available today. The recommended version of ACOS for the AX Series on World IPv6 Day is 2.6.1-SP2 or higher. For the latest information please visit the link to the A10 Application Delivery Community web site or contact A10 Networks Support.

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