San Jose, CA, May 1, 2013 -- A10 Networks, Inc., the technology leader in Application Networking, today announced a new version of its Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS) that is available for its A10 Thunder™ Series Unified Application Service Gateways (see related press release announced today), and AX Application Delivery Controllers. Now integrated into ACOS are advanced security modules including a Web Application Firewall (WAF) for Cloud security,Application Access Management (AAM) for Authentication, and enhanced DDoS Mitigation: Multi-Layer Edge Protection Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) for multi-layer edge protection, expanding A10's advanced security feature set and included without license fees.

"ACOS is a highly scalable and flexible platform allowing us to seamlessly integrate advanced features such as additional security modules to complement our full suite of intelligent application services," said Lee Chen, Founder and CEO for A10 Networks. "With our latest ACOS release, A10 Thunder and AX Series customers receive additional value with advanced modules such as a Web Application Firewall, Authentication, DDoS protection and over 100 additional premium features without license fees, on demand.

"2012 witnessed a new level of sophistication in organized attacks against enterprises across the globe, and they will grow in sophistication and effectiveness in 2013," according to a recent report by Avivah Litan, Gartner's vice president and distinguished analyst. "Gartner expects high-bandwidth DDoS attacks to continue and to increase in frequency in 2013. Gartner also expects that at least 25% of DDoS attacks will be application-based, in which attackers send targeted commands to applications to tax CPU and memory and make the application unavailable." (Gartner, "Arming Financial and E-Commerce Services Against Top 2013 Cyberthreats" January 29, 2013)

ACOS' integrated WAF, AAM and DDoS security modules for the A10 Thunder and AX Series platforms integrate with existing Application Delivery Controller (ADC), Server Load Balancing and Security features to deliver layered defense solutions that are required to thwart today's web and application-based attacks. ACOS was designed from the ground up as a scalable platform to deliver premium features that can be run simultaneously without licenses or performance penalties.

Web Application Firewall (WAF) for Cloud Security 
Fully integrated and designed for ACOS, A10's WAF protects web sites from attacks, helps ensure against code vulnerabilities and prevents data leakage. Built on the highly scalable ACOS, A10's WAF delivers industry-leading performance within an integrated A10 Thunder Series Unified Application Service Gateway or AX Series ADC appliance, with the ability to run multiple features to mitigate all applicable threats on the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) top 10 list. A10's WAF also aids in regulatory security compliance, meeting requirements for, among others, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS).

Application Access Management (AAM) for Authentication 
The new AAM module integrates within ACOS to enhance data center infrastructure protection and server efficiency by offloading authentication functions and ensuring back-end servers do not receive unwanted or unauthenticated traffic. AAM supports the most popular authentication services/stores, including RADIUS, LDAP, Active Directory, Kerberos and more without adjustments to web servers or infrastructure.

Enhanced Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Mitigation for Multi-layer Edge Protection 
Enhancements to A10's existing DDoS security enable both attack mitigation and predictable server operation. A10 combines network and application-level attack protection techniques in a single appliance, with no licensing. SYN-flood attacks alone represent 25 percent of all DDoS incidents, and can be mitigated in A10's software or with its highest performance hardware-based SYN-flood protection. Additional techniques such as geographic filtering, rate limiting, connection limiting, "Slow HTTP" attack detection, aFleX commands and more protect the entire network and application stack.

Additional New ACOS Features Included without Licenses 
The new ACOS release includes over 160 additional features, developed and designed working closely with customers. Examples include large scale multi-tenancy with over 1000 Application Delivery Partitions (ADPs), support for ADPs within virtual appliances, open source Xen hypervisor support, Traffic Steering with ICAP, aFleX scripting for RADIUS, usability and monitoring enhancements and more.

Customer Quote 
"By adding premium features into ACOS, A10 adds exceptional value, for example with the Web Application Firewall; combined with its other security solutions, this is a very advanced defense stack," said Aaron Patrick, Cloud Services Architect, at Markley Cloud Services. "Delivering a feature-rich solution including Application Delivery, Server Load Balancing, Security, and multi-tenancy in a single appliance without having to purchase additional licenses is very attractive to us as we continue to improve service delivery for our customers."

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The new security modules and additional features are available in ACOS 2.7.1 P1 this month.

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