SAN JOSE, CA, July 29, 2011 - A10 Networks™("A10"), the technology leader in Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs), today announced that the company had sued Brocade Communications Systems Inc. ("Brocade" - NASDAQ: BRCD) for infringing one of its patents in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District Court of California. A10 is also seeking injunctive relief against further sales of Brocade’s products and services in violation of A10’s patent rights including Brocade’s FCX Series, FastIron Series, Mobility Access Points and Mobility Controllers, IronView Network Managers, and all Brocade Professional Services, including IP Network Infrastructure Services, IronView Network Manager, and Brocade Technical Support.

A10's allegations were made in its counterclaim in the lawsuit Brocade filed against A10 several months ago. Brocade asserted claims of patent and copyright infringement and trade secret misappropriation. A10 has fully denied those allegations because (i) the accused A10 AX Series network devices are not covered by the asserted Brocade patents, (ii) neither A10 nor its employees have misappropriated any enforceable trade secrets or copyrights, and (iii) Brocade’s patents are invalid over the prior art. Moreover, A10 has filed reexamination requests with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office to declare that all claims in the Brocade patents, as asserted against A10, are invalid.

In addition, this week Brocade filed a motion asking the court for a preliminary injunction based on Brocade’s copyright and trade secret claims relating to alleged use of Brocade’s source code. A10 Networks is reviewing the specifics of Brocade’s motion in the ongoing dispute between the parties, and will respond as ordered by the court. A10 denies that its ADC products wrongfully use any proprietary Brocade code. A10 further denies that Brocade is entitled to any injunction, and believes that Brocade’s decision to publicize its new motion shows that it is intended primarily to intimidate potential A10 customers. A10 will continue to defend against Brocade’s patent, copyright, and trade secret claims, and intends to further pursue its own pending claims that Brocade infringes A10’s patent rights and that Brocade itself wrongfully obtained access to A10’s proprietary technology.

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A10 Networks was founded in Q4 2004 with a mission to provide innovative networking and security solutions. A10 makes award-winning, high-performance products that help organizations accelerate, optimize and secure their applications. A10's flagship AX Series Application Delivery Controllers are designed from the ground up with a 64-bit shared-memory and multi-process, multi-core, multi-CPU architecture that leaps the competition in performance, scalability, efficiency and flexibility. A10 is headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in the United States, United Kingdom, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Brazil, Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. For more information, visit:


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Please contact A10's outside general legal counsel, Robert D. Cochran, Esq., at 650-298-9901 ext 188 with any questions.