New Features Include Automatic Bandwidth Shaping Capabilities, New aFleX-powered Application Classification and Reporting Enhancements

SAN JOSE, CA, March 15, 2010 - A10 Networks™, the technology leader in Application Delivery solutions, today announced a firmware upgrade for its EX Series product family with version 3.0. The EX Series is a high performance appliance combining bandwidth management and quality of service (QoS), Next hop load distribution, and network monitoring with granular application and user visibility.

The EX Series helps organizations optimize and secure their networks by understanding network traffic at the application and user level, applying traffic policies to enforce network utilization, and increasing reliability through the use of application bandwidth prioritization and optimized use of multiple links. The EX Series can be quickly placed into a network without network changes to provide instant visibility into applications.

"We had a pair of Packeteer PacketShapers but they could not handle our 500 Mb connection. After deploying EX Series 3.0 we've had no issues whatsoever," said Todd Marsh, Principal Network Engineer for Bentley University. "The reporting capabilities are head and shoulders above the competition, A10 support is responsive and easy to work with and we have much more granular control and visibility of our network."

EX Series 3.0 includes several new ways to rapidly identify and police bandwidth misuse in addition to the traditional QoS policies that existed in previous versions. The 3.0 enhancements include:

Automatic Load Aware Shaping and Classification Technology

  • Dynamically adjust policies based on bandwidth usage as opposed to static policies
  • Heuristic approach to identify abusers and police them proactively
  • Custom protocol signatures leveraging aFleX, the high-performance Layer 7 scripting tool previously only available in A10's flagship AX Series Application Delivery Controllers

New Reporting Functionality

  • View customized PDF, HTML or XML reports of specific applications, subnets, VLANs or interfaces of interest
  • Increase network visibility with packet distribution and connection-based graphs
  • Design custom reports and save them to a favorites list for convenient access

"A common problem in modern networks today is the uncontrolled use of high bandwidth consuming applications such as video, file sharing and online games that over utilize network resources and halt mission-critical application usage," said Dennis Oshiba, Director of Engineering and Product Management for EX Series. "Our EX Series 3.0 expands on innovative techniques to identify network traffic, giving more power to IT professionals with simple to use and granular reporting to effectively control bandwidth usage."

EX Series 3.0 is available immediately.

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