'Lunch And Learn' Begins In Major US Cities To Discuss Techniques For IPv6 Migration

SAN JOSE, CA, August 15, 2012 -- A10 Networks™, the technology leader in Application Networking, today announced that it has joined SevOne, the leader in IT performance management, for an IPv6 Roadshow across major US cities to prepare organizations for the transition to IPv6. During the 'Lunch and Learn' sessions, A10 and SevOne experts will discuss the impact of IPv6 transition on the network, and how to ensure operational continuity before, during and after the transition using the most popular migration techniques and network visibility.

With the IPv4 address supply near exhaustion, smooth transition options to IPv6 cannot be ignored, and communication and connectivity between the two protocols must be ensured through advanced preparation to avoid downtime and costly IT fire drills. Additionally, there are numerous IPv6 migration techniques, as no one method fits all networks, so considerations must be taken according to specific business requirements.

During these seminars, A10 and SevOne experts will cover:

  • Issues to consider when transitioning to IPv6, including an overview of the various migration technologies
  • Real-world examples of implementation use cases
  • How to avoid unknown factors during the migration by ensuring visibility through monitoring throughout the process

"IPv6 has garnered worldwide interest, and there are many new solutions to solve the challenges with IPv6 adoption - especially for enterprise customers," said Paul Nicholson, Director of Product Marketing for A10 Networks. "Spreading awareness and showing examples of successful customer implementations are essential to facilitate IPv6 adoption and to show the benefits IPv6 provides to the core business."

"Visibility is critical to understanding the impact of IPv6; without visibility customers are unaware of the impact of IPv6 on their core infrastructure," said Yama Habibzai, Vice President, Marketing at SevOne. "Through monitoring technologies customers can greatly reduce risks and ease deployments during the IPv6 migration process."

The cities and dates include:

  • Atlanta, August 15
  • San Francisco, August 21
  • Seattle, August 23
  • Boston, September 11
  • New York City, September 12
  • Chicago, September 17
  • Raleigh, September 25
  • Dallas, October 23
  • Houston, October 24
  • Austin, October 25

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