A10 Networks AX Series Scales Application Delivery for University of the Arts London

Provides New Web Architecture for Optimized Content Delivery to Europe's Largest Art University

SAN JOSE, CA. - October 13, 2009 -- A10 Networks®, the technology leader in Application Delivery Controllers (ADC), today announced University of the Arts London selected and deployed the AX Series Advanced Traffic Managers to create a new Web architecture for optimized content delivery. University of the Arts London is Europe's largest university for art, design, fashion, communication and the performing arts, comprising six internationally renowned colleges. Its infrastructure spans two datacenters to provide over 25 Websites with interactive graphic content, leveraging Apache servers running on VMware that retrieve information from MySQL and Oracle databases on the backend.

This year, University of the Arts London began a new Web service initiative to deploy an upgraded architecture capable of providing optimized content delivery for bandwidth-intensive graphic applications to site visitors, including students and faculty. The architecture redesign required a high-performance application delivery platform to replace the existing server load balancing solution whose capacity had maxed out. The University selected and deployed A10's AX 2100s for a higher-performance and more scalable solution.

"Our existing server load balancer platform was incapable to meet the needs of our new Web service project," said Andrew McClements, network services manager for University of the Arts London. "We chose A10's AX 2100s as they met and exceeded the project's functional requirements, including scalable performance for growth."

University of the Arts London leverages AX Series to meet its functional technology requirements for application optimization including TCP/UDP load balancing, SSL acceleration and application persistence. AX exceeded the requirements with all-inclusive Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) to load balance Web servers across datacenters for high availability; URL Switching to deliver services hosted on the University of the Arts London domain based upon the contents of the URL; and Custom Health Checks to ensure servers are available and able to retrieve data from the backend databases.

Additional key Application Delivery features available in AX Series include:

"We are proud to provide University of the Arts London with a superior Application Delivery solution to optimize Web content across its internationally renowned colleges," said Lee Chen, founder and CEO of A10 Networks. "The AX Series delivers the education market the lowest cost per connection and the best performance per watt per space in the industry. AX Series solutions include rich features and exceptional scalability that benefit both the datacenter and the end user experience."

To read the full case study, please visit: http://www.a10networks.com/resources/files/CS-UofA.pdf

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University of the Arts London
University of the Arts London is Europe's largest university for art, design, fashion, communication and the performing arts. For more information, visit http://www.arts.ac.uk/.