USA 800 Selects A10 Networks AX Series to Scale Application Delivery for Call Centers' eCRM Platform

AX Series Supports USA 800 through its Record Holiday Shopping Season and Beyond

USA 800 SAN JOSE, CA. - March 2, 2009 -- A10 Networks® today announced that USA 800, the largest employee-owned contact center in America, successfully deployed the AX Series to provide a high-performance server load balancer platform for its eCRM software. USA 800, based exclusively in the US, experienced double-digit growth for the past five years, requiring the company to look for a scalable solution to handle the growth trajectory, including expanding its Raytown headquarters building and adding 150 additional agent work stations. USA 800's specialty is managing inbound calls for target industries, with services including customer care, sales and lead acquisition.

USA 800 has three contact centers, each of which handles inbound contacts for over 150 partners in various industries. To run its multi-million dollar business, USA 800 depends on its web-based platform, eCRM, for eCommerce, customer care, and fulfillment order processing, which its roughly 800 employees leverage. In its main contact centers, USA 800 has a distributed network with local eCRM applications, utilizing SQL databases on the backend.

Forecasting a record 2008 holiday shopping season, USA 800 needed to add high-performance server load balancing functionality for the web front end serviced by the SQL servers and eCRM platform in its data centers, so that all orders could be processed quickly and on time. Key business drivers for purchasing a new high-performance load balancer solution were redundancy and disaster recovery to ensure increased demands during the 2008 holiday shopping season could be met flawlessly.

"The AX Series easily handled the record customer traffic we received over the 2008 holiday season," said Tom Davis, president and CEO of USA 800. "With AX, our eCRM platform is extremely scalable, highly available and fast, so that our employees are constantly able to handle customer demand, helping us achieve the best holiday shopping season results in our history."

Major factors that lead USA 800 to select AX Series versus competing solutions include its scalable, modern high performance symmetrical multiprocessing (SMP) architecture that it is uniquely tuned to maximize multi-core CPUs. The AX platform allows traffic to utilize multiple CPUs without slowing down or blocking. As a result, applications run exponentially faster, especially USA 800's eCRM platform. USA 800 was also pleased to discover that A10's AX Series delivers exceptional performance metrics at half the price of competitors. With all of the required Layer 4-7 features and performance included in the platform without additional licensing fees, USA 800 receives the best cost/benefit equation with the AX Series.

Additional key features within the AX Series include:

"We are proud that USA 800 experienced the most successful holiday season in its history with the help of our advanced AX Series platform for application delivery," said Lee Chen, founder and CEO of A10 Networks. "The AX Series provides a competitive advantage for eCommerce customers by delivering more than twice the performance at half the price of competing solutions, including innovative features and functionality."

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