A10 Networks Helps University Simplify Identity and Password Management

A10's ID Series Appliance Unifies and Ensures Accuracy for Tokyo Zokei University with Centralized User Account Management

Tokyo Zokei University SAN JOSE, CA. - February 2, 2009 -- A10 Networks® today announced that Tokyo Zokei University with around 2,000 students and 350 faculty and staff successfully deployed A10's ID Series network identity management appliance to simplify user account management. Tokyo Zokei University employs several data stores like Microsoft Active Directory, Apple Open Directory, RedHat Linux and Sun Solaris to make user changes as they occur. However a manual update process resulted in complicated tasks because the operations of each system are different. To solve the problem, Tokyo Zokei University evaluated solutions from A10, and four other vendors, and chose A10's ID Series.

A10's ID Series provides Tokyo Zokei University an automatic simplified user account management solution through centralized provisioning. Four primary factors made ID Series lead the pack:

"Tokyo Zokei University now has a system in place that ensures we can update user accounts across multiple systems even though they operate independently," said Mr. Koichi Taguchi, Manager of System Section for Tokyo Zokei University. "A10's ID Series appliances offer a comprehensive amount of functionality and high-performance platform for the best price on the market today. Our user account management issues have been solved effectively."

To further extend the return on investment (ROI), additional ID Series core module components available to Tokyo Zokei University at no additional charge include:

"The ID Series appliances offer an easy-to-use centralized user ID and password management system for Tokyo Zokei University," said Lee Chen, Founder and CEO for A10 Networks. "ID Series ensures customers have accurate user ID and password updates across multiple data stores automatically. We are pleased with the successful deployment of our ID Series to improve Tokyo Zokei University's efficiency."

ID Series: Network Identity Management
ID Series is the industry's only network identity management appliance delivering integrated features that resolve IP addresses to user identity (IP-to-ID) instantly, simplify user password management with the User Self Service Web Portal, centralize user account management, and enhance RADIUS authentication and access control. The ID Series IP-to-ID Service has earned the company numerous awards, enterprise deployments and technical partnerships. A10 Networks markets ID Series through resellers, with technical partners such as RSA (a division of EMC) and the IP-to-ID Enabled partnerships with technical partners such as TippingPoint, Lancope, WildPackets, RetiCorp and FireScope.

To read the full case study on Tokyo Zokei University's successful ID Series deployment, please visit: http://www.a10networks.com/resources/files/CS-TokyoZokei.pdf

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About Tokyo Zokei University
Tokyo Zokei University is a graduate university with 2000 students and 350 faculty and staff.