A10 Networks Unveils New Customer-driven Capabilities for AX Series New Generation Server Load Balancers

Enhancements for Application Acceleration, Global Server Load Balancing, Virtualized Management and an Innovative API are Included with Twice the Performance and Half the Price

SAN JOSE, CA. - January 26, 2009 -- A10 Networks® unveiled new customer-driven capabilities for its AX Series Advanced Traffic Manager appliances. With the new release, the entire AX Series family receives significant feature enhancements for application acceleration, global server load balancing, virtualized management and an innovative REST-style XML API. A10's AX Series is a new generation server load balancer, built from the ground up for multi-core CPUs with a flexible-ASIC driven Symmetrical Multiprocessing (SMP) architecture that is confirmed to deliver twice the performance at half the price of competitors.*

Key updates in the AX Series include:

In addition, AX's Layer 7 scripting tool changed names from aRule to aFleX, better illustrating the flexibility it provides for custom traffic management. Customers in multiple verticals are leveraging the updated AX Series firmware with immediate benefits.

"A10's aXAPI within the AX Series server load balancers allows our developers to remotely perform or automate tasks, such as adding and removing servers as needed," said Derek Hill, Director of IT for Earth Class Mail, a leading online postal-mail service. "The beauty of A10's approach is that it is a REST-based API versus other more complicated approaches. This requires less of a learning curve, is easier to understand and enables integration between the applications and the networking equipment."

To read the Network Snapshot for Earth Class Mail, please visit: http://a10networks.com/resources/files/CS-Earth_Class_Mail.pdf

Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB)
"The A10 Networks AX Series delivers tremendous value by including all of the required features, such as GSLB and local traffic management, in the platform," said Jay Raimondi, Vice President and CTO for CRC Health Group, the largest provider of specialized behavioral health care services. "Buying two boxes to do local and global traffic management was not an option for us when we could achieve this in a single box with the AX Series. In addition, the responsiveness of A10's support and development teams to meet our needs quickly is a key differentiator."

To read the Network Snapshot for CRC Health Group, please visit: http://www.a10networks.com/resources/files/CS-CRC_Health_Group.pdf

GUI Enhancements
"The Web GUI improvements in A10's AX Series firmware upgrade increase our staff's efficiency with a consolidated view of network and application performance metrics within a single screen," said Tom Roberts, Director of IT for Code Ready Solutions. "We rely on A10's aFleX Layer 7 scripting to distribute traffic to multiple Websites, and in a complex environment, ease of management and a quick view of real-time statistics are critical."

To read the Network Snapshot for Code Ready, please visit: http://www.a10networks.com/resources/files/CS-Code_Ready.pdf

Additional key features within the AX Series include:

"In this new release, we concentrated on making AX Series easier to use, including continued improvements with the look and feel, as well as introducing significant features," said Lee Chen, Founder and CEO of A10 Networks. "Customers who require advanced server load balancing capabilities with scalable performance for growth will benefit tremendously from the updated AX Series."

For more information on the AX Series, please visit: http://www.a10networks.com/products/axseries.php

* AX Series Price/Performance Leadership: http://www.a10networks.com/products/axseries_adc.php

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