Laramie County Community College Selects A10 Networks for Integrated Bandwidth Management and Identity Management

A10's EX Series and ID Series Appliances Allows LCCC to Manage Bandwidth with User Identity Visibility

SAN JOSE, CA. - April 8, 2008 -- A10 Networks® today announced that Laramie County Community College (LCCC), a comprehensive community college with multiple campuses and outreach centers, selected A10's EX Series and ID Series appliances for a comprehensive bandwidth management solution with integrated application and user identity visibility. Due to increased network use, LCCC evaluated its external bandwidth demands and redundancy and discovered its aging packet shaper needed to be replaced. The college purchased A10's EX Series bandwidth management appliance due to its ability to provide both Quality of Service (QoS) and Next hop load distribution. LCCC also purchased a pair of A10's ID Series network identity management appliances to augment the visibility capabilities of the EX Series with user identity (ID) information.

“A10's EX Series allows us to have a more complete view of the traffic on our network, including the ability to zero in from high-level reports to the exact action we need to investigate,” said Ted Wickham, senior network analyst for LCCC. “The ID Series appliances also pinpoint exactly the user behind an IP address without any additional wasted time of tracking them down.”

The EX is placed in transparent mode on the internal side of the network and gathers information on all the traffic flowing through it. The EX links seamlessly to the ID Series appliances that had been configured to extract IP-to-ID (Internet Protocol to Identity) information from LCCC's Active Directory and Novell eDirectory systems.

The Web-based GUI allows drill down reports for LCCC that combined both Layer 7 application content inspections with user identity at the click of a button. With traffic typically averaging in excess of 12 Mb/s, reports confirmed the high prevalence of YouTube and MySpace video content consume a large amount of bandwidth. The EX also found additional Peer-to-Peer (P2P) protocols that LCCC's aging packet shaper missed.

“We are proud to deliver LCCC a unique and integrated solution to management bandwidth through detailed visibility of network usage by application and user,” said Lee Chen, founder and CEO for A10 Networks. “Our EX Series and ID Series appliances integrate so that customers such as LCCC can have unprecedented visibility of network use so that bandwidth can be provisioned properly for critical applications at all times.”

EX Series: Bandwidth Management with Identity
A10 Networks' EX Series is the industry's only bandwidth management appliance with identity-based application visibility. By managing bandwidth and traffic with unprecedented user and application visibility, the EX Series helps organizations of all sizes secure, optimize and scale their network edge and perimeter. By consolidating multiple WAN bandwidth management functions into one optimized management platform, organizations can greatly simplify their management of edge services, and increase performance and reliability for applications.

ID Series: Network Identity Management
A10's ID Series is the industry's only network identity management appliance delivering integrated features that resolve IP addresses to user identity (IP-to-ID) instantly, simplify user password management with the User Self Help Web Portal, provision user account management, and enhance RADIUS authentication and access control. IDsentrie's IP-to-ID Service has earned the company numerous awards, enterprise deployments and technical partnerships. A10 Networks markets IDsentrie through resellers under the A10 Networks brand, and through agreements with technical partners such as Lancope, RSA (a division of EMC), WildPackets, RetiCorp and FireScope.

About A10 Networks
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