A10 Networks Wins Identity Management Deal with Electronics Manufacturer

From30 successfully deploys A10 Networks' IDsentrie™ network identity management appliance to properly control and secure its diverse network and business assets

SAN JOSE, CA, June 19, 2007 - A10 Networks™ today announced that From30, an electronic parts and components manufacturer located in Korea, has deployed the A10 Networks IDsentrie network identity management appliance to properly control and secure access on its development and account servers.  A10's IDsentrie is the industry's only network identity management appliance with instant user identity resolution. It solves challenges caused by disparate data stores, unsynchronized identity resources, untimely provisioning, account and password issues, unsanctioned network access, and poor user visibility.

Providing Identity Management for the Manufacturing Industry
From30 has 120 employees that access a network comprised of MS SQL, MAIL, ERP, Linux Servers, Windows 2003 Server and a SSL VPN Server. To properly control and secure its diverse network and business assets, the company needed an identity management system that understands which users are accessing the development and account servers, in real-time, so that users without sanctioned access are not permitted on the network. From30 chose A10 Networks' IDsentrie appliance because it is the leading product in the market with strong centralized network management, combined with identity-based reporting.

"With A10's IDsentrie appliance, From30 is controlling access to its development and account servers in real-time, checking the log-in times and user identity for everyone that accesses these servers for necessary security practices," said Kevin Im, CEO of From30. "From30 is now improving its security and compliance requirements while lowering operational costs and reducing network management overhead."

From30 is using the following features within the IDsentrie appliance:

Universal Identity Resolver (UIM): centralizes user account management and allows From30 to fully see where user accounts reside – which simplifies account provisioning and de-provisioning. IDsentrie provides an in-depth view into current, outdated and unauthorized user accounts. And with one click, From30's accounts can be enabled, disabled or deleted to reduce the risk of unauthorized access from past employees, contractors or partners.

Internet Protocol to Identity (IP-to-ID) Service: eliminates time-consuming identity forensic activities that require tracing system events back to individual employees manually. Delays in properly identifying problem users lead to higher security risks, spread of viruses, and loss of critical information. With IP-to-ID, From30 can eliminate these risks by providing instant user identification to isolate and fix network and security issues much faster.

Identity Event Manager (IEM): provides identity-based syslog services to security devices, network monitoring systems, and applications to allow organizations to fully track user activity. With IEM, From30's regular syslog events are transformed into identity-based reports for full visibility into what corporate users are doing – speeding troubleshooting tasks, enhancing compliance reporting, and improving internal controls.

In the future, From30 will leverage IDsentrie's network authentication services, which help organizations centralize and secure wired, wireless, remote access, and open Internet access solutions with RADIUS, 802.1X, and authenticated DHCP services.

"We are proud to provide From30 with IDsentrie to secure and control its network and manufacturing business assets," said Lee Chen, president and CEO of A10 Networks. "Our simple-to-deploy IDsentrie appliance integrates critical identity and security functions – helping From30 reduce the time and resources needed for the operation tasks that are critical to its business."

To read the full case-study on From30's A10 Networks deployment, please visit: http://www.a10networks.com/resources/files/CS-From30.pdf

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