A10 Networks and Reticorp Sign Partnership to Co-Develop "Identity-Aware" Network Security Technologies

RetiCorp Incorporates A10's IP-to-ID Resolution Feature Into Its Powerful Network Forensics System

SAN JOSE, CA, Oct. 18, 2006 - A10 Networks™ and RetiCorp, a leading maker of network forensics products, announced today that they have signed a technology partnership through which RetiCorp will offer A10 Networks' IP address-to-Identity (IP-to-ID™) resolution technology as one of the standout new features of its RetiVista network forensics system. The RetiVista system analyzes, audits and records vast amounts of network data and application content without packet loss, and allows replay of selected content during forensic analysis.

Instant IP to Identity Resolution with A10 Networks' IP-to-ID Service
A10 Networks' IP-to-ID Service provides fast and automated identity resolution for virtually any application that requires the correlation of user identity to IP or MAC addresses. The integration of A10's automated identity forensic capabilities into the RetiVista platform allows Reti to continue offering a unique value to its customers around the world, by arming them with instant access to identity information and accelerating forensic troubleshooting. Previously, resolving network activity, or IP or MAC addresses, to the actual user identity required manual correlation--literally hunting through thousands of DHCP, DNS, or domain controller log events - which could add many minutes and sometimes hours to the forensic process, and leave networks vulnerable to infection or attack.

By automating user identity tracking and instantly tying network activity back to the identity of the end user, the RetiVista platform now streamlines troubleshooting and quarantine efforts and delivers powerful auditing capabilities for regulatory compliance. This appliance-based solution enables scalable, cost-effective user tracking and reporting for network optimization and security, without requiring software agents or other services.

"IT managers have been waiting for identity solutions that make their jobs easier, reduce network complexity, and improve reporting and auditing of critical network events," said James Lin, CTO of RetiCorp. "Integrating A10's IP-to-ID features into the RetiVista network forensics system will allow us to deliver just such a solution. Instant access to identity information, combined with our forensics capabilities and strong policy enforcement will help our customers streamline their IT processes, harden defenses, and achieve compliance much easier."

"Reti and A10 Networks are providing new generation network tools with A10's industry-leading IP-to-ID technology," said Lee Chen, CEO of A10 Networks. "With the corporate network becoming less secure, automated identity resolution is long overdue. Automated identity forensic capabilities will improve the way IT engineers resolve security and network problems and we will continue to work with industry-leading companies like Reti to bring this capability to enterprises of all sizes."

About RetiCorp
RetiCorp, inventor of USM (Unified Security Management) products, provides the latest technology to secure businesses against emerging threats. USM, the third generation of network security appliances, goes a step beyond traditional UTM (Unified Threat Management) systems by not only protecting networks against viruses and attacks, but also preventing improper network usage by enforcing user accountability. RetiCorp was established by a team of network experts from the U.S. and Taiwan with a mission to promote better security practices and to provide advanced and cost-effective security solutions. The company has R&D facilities in Silicon Valley and Taipei; as well as sales offices worldwide.

About A10 Networks
A10 Networks was founded in 2004 with a mission to create a new class of affordable, identity-aware network solutions, including the industry's first "Smart" identity management system. A10 Network's solutions help businesses and government increase efficiency and agility, address regulatory compliance and security risks while reducing the complexity and costs of managing global networks. A10 Network's products unify critical identity and access management functions with networking and security to offer network administrators centralized management and unparalleled visibility into network activity. A10 Networks is a well-financed, privately held company headquartered in San Jose. For more information, visit www.a10networks.com.

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