A10 Networks Updates Flagship Identity Management Appliance

A10 Networks' IDsentrie™ with New 1.2 Firmware Delivers New Forensics Tools for Instant IP-to-ID, Network Access and Security

SAN JOSE, CA, September 18, 2006 - A10 Networks™, a pioneer in delivering a new class of identity-aware network solutions, today announced a version upgrade to its award-winning IDsentrie™ platform. The A10 Networks IDsentrie is a secure, purpose-built, affordable appliance designed to simplify the management of identity and access within the network. The new 1.2 firmware within IDsentrie provides identity forensic features, including a Universal Identity Resolver, which is the industry's first comprehensive approach for providing instant Internet Protocol address-to-user identity (IP-to-ID) resolution.

Key new features in the A10 Networks IDsentrie appliance with the new 1.2 firmware include:

"It's only recently that identity forensics tools have been recognized as important to managing secure networks. Knowledge of user identity enables more intelligent security decisions within the network infrastructure, especially in restricting access to services and applying content filtering," said Phil Schacter, vice president and research director at The Burton Group. "Historically, identity awareness occurred in networks only on the remote edges of the WAN but we expect that over time, awareness of user information will be ubiquitous throughout the network."

IDsentrie Delivers Instant IP-to-ID Resolution
Today, troubleshooting and forensic procedures require manual review and resolution of machine addresses, such as MAC and TCP/IP addresses, to user identity. This requires multiple steps involving different network services and IT personnel - making it very time intensive. In large networks with separate DHCP, DNS, and directory service data stores spread out over large distances, resolving user identity from machine addresses can take hours. The A10 Networks IDsentrie appliance includes instant IP-to-ID capabilities to deliver fast and automated identity resolution for virtually any application that requires linking user identity to IP or MAC addresses.

The IDsentrie's IP-to-ID resolution capability has earned the company enterprise deployments and technical partnerships in just the last calendar quarter. A10 Networks markets its products through resellers under the A10 Networks brand, and through agreements with technical partners such as Lancope. Among the new companies that are successfully deploying the IDsentrie appliances are Fortune 500 customers.

"Security, network, and desktop professionals have always spent a lot of time manually resolving IP or MAC addresses back to individual users for identity resolution. Our customers say this is difficult at best and becomes harder as time goes by," said Lee Chen, president and CEO for A10 Networks. "Our IDsentrie appliance for identity and access management combined with the new identity forensics tools delivers instant identity resolution. As a result, customers can now reduce the time and resources needed for their necessary security, network operation, troubleshooting and compliance-related tasks."

About A10 Networks
A10 Networks was founded in 2004 with a mission to create a new class of affordable, identity-aware network solutions, including the industry's first "Smart" identity management system. A10 Network's solutions help businesses and government increase efficiency and agility, address regulatory compliance and security risks while reducing the complexity and costs of managing global networks. A10 Network's products unify critical identity and access management functions with networking and security to offer network administrators centralized management and unparalleled visibility into network activity. A10 Networks is a well-financed, privately held company headquartered in San Jose. For more information, visit www.a10networks.com.

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