A10 Networks Enters Identity and Access Management Market With a New Class Of Affordable and Practical Appliances

New IDsentrie System Reduces IT Complexity, Improves Security and Automates Data Store Management, Delivering Substantial IT Cost Savings and Fast ROI

SAN JOSE, CA, Nov. 14, 2005 -- A10 Networks™, a pioneer in delivering a new class of identity-aware network solutions, today announced its entry into the Identity and Access Management (IAM) market with the launch of an affordable solution that combines authentication, centralized data store management and strong security features in a hardened, drop-in appliance. The IDsentrie system is designed to help businesses and government increase efficiency, address regulatory compliance and mitigate security risks while reducing the complexity and costs of managing global networks.

A10 Network's new IDsentrie appliance unites several useful Identity and Access Management components with networking and security features such as a Firewall Log Analyzer (FLA) and advanced reporting to deliver centralized, automated management and unparalleled visibility into network activity.

"We are taking a practical and affordable appliance approach in a market that has historically been characterized by complex software-based products," said Lee Chen, CEO of A10 Networks. "Many organizations have found the existing comprehensive IAM offerings to be costly and time-prohibitive to deploy. What we have done is develop several of the most useful features of the high-end IAM systems and related security features and put them in a package that is simple to install and use, and delivers rapid ROI."

A10 was founded in 2004 with a mission to create a new class of affordable, identity-aware network solutions. Its founders and executive team are technology industry veterans and successful serial entrepreneurs with more than eight successful startups between them.

Industry research firm IDC expects the Identity and Access Management market will grow from just over $2B today to more than $4B by 2009, while research firm the Gartner Group predicts convergence of the IAM market with the Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technology segment. With its combination of features, A10's new IDsentrie appliance is situated squarely at the intersection of these two converging market segments.

"Regulatory compliance also requires entry-level, identity management solutions. Customers want an economical product with a focused and easy-to-use feature set that improves enforcement of business policies. A10 provides additional choices for businesses that are interested in tightening security and improving compliance," said Chris Christiansen, vice president of Security Products and Services for IDC.

The Need for Unified, Simplified Identity Management
Today, IT managers are tasked with high overhead and manual procedures as account information is commonly spread out amongst multiple data stores throughout the organization. As new authentication and access methods are required by a proliferation of new applications, companies have been forced to adopt additional data stores - each with their own set of requirements and identity objects to manage. This practice greatly complicates identity management and creates difficulties for both users and IT personnel.

IDsentrie Highlights
IDsentrie1000 was designed to address these complex authentication, access control and account provisioning issues with a unified approach that features a powerful, standards-based RADIUS server, a Unified Identity Manager (UIM) interface for centralized data store management, a Firewall Log Analyzer and Advanced Reporting. IDsentrie supports eleven different data store formats to provide rapid deployment into existing networks, an intuitive GUI and industry-standard CLI for ease-of-use, more than 100 built-in reports for sophisticated monitoring and management of identity assets and network performance, and advanced correlation and synchronization features that manage identity and security information throughout the network

RADIUS Authentication
IDsentrie's RADIUS Authentication component provides secure authentication to IDsentrie's local data store or any supported 3rd party external data stores. Authentication Proxy service allows administrators to utilize IDsentrie's advanced authentication policies to control access to critical systems, utilizing existing accounts and data store information.

Unified Identity Manager
IDsentrie's Unified Identity Manager component simplifies account management by consolidating user information from multiple dissimilar data stores into one manageable virtual directory. With UIM, central provisioning and management of user account information is possible from one central management platform. Information can be quickly synchronized across all data stores to improve accuracy and usability. UIM reduces overhead, eliminates data entry errors, and improves visibility of identity resources located throughout the network.

Firewall Log Analyzer
The Firewall Log Analyzer component provides powerful identity-based reporting capabilities. By correlating firewall log information with user identity and authentication information, accurate tracking of resource utilization and critical activity is now possible. Real-time and historical activity monitoring, reporting, logging, and alerting provide in-depth visibility into network and user activities. FLA accelerates troubleshooting and forensic processes to allow rapid pin-pointing of specific firewall activity back to the user who generated the traffic. IDsentrie's Firewall Log Analyzer is the industry's first authentication-to-firewall correlation engine to track user activity based on the user identity, not just their IP octets. Firewalls supported include Check Point, Cisco, NetScreen, Fortinet, and others supporting the WELF logging format.

Advanced Reporting
IDsentrie's Advanced Reporting component provides tight integration between IDsentrie's RADIUS, Unified Identity Manager, and Firewall Log Analyzer components to provide a comprehensive set of logging, reporting and alerting features. The Advanced Reporting component gives businesses a complete view into their authentication and identity activities and allows administrators to customize their reporting, graphing, and alerting features to simplify management functions. With the ability to securely offload all system logs and reports, IDsentrie provides advanced auditing capabilities to help businesses meet the latest round of regulatory and internal control requirements.

IDsentrie Provides Rapid Results and ROI
One early adopter of the IDsentrie system is Silicon Valley Web Hosting (SVWH), a privately-owned Internet Service Provider that serves 1000+ customers worldwide. SVWH installed the IDsentrie to automate and centralize all account provisioning, management, and inventory across its 320 servers. The company also uses the A10 appliance to improve visibility and security on its network to fight spam, viruses and other threats.

SVWH's network operations manager Michael Montgomery states: "I have reclaimed up to 20 work hours per month that were once spent provisioning customer accounts individually across our production servers. Also, the ability to quickly track critical firewall events back to the originating host using IDsentrie has simplified our troubleshooting and forensic activities significantly."

About A10 Networks
A10 Networks was founded in 2004 with a mission to create a new class of affordable, identity-aware network solutions, including the industry's first "Smart" identity management system. A10's solutions help businesses and government increase efficiency and agility, address regulatory compliance and security risks while reducing the complexity and costs of managing global networks. A10's products unify critical identity and access management functions with networking and security to offer network administrators centralized management and unparalleled visibility into network activity. A10 is a well-financed, privately held company headquartered in San Jose, California, with offices in Beijing. For more information, visit www.a10networks.com.

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