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Options for Choosing an Application Delivery Controller Solution in AWS

Deploying applications in the cloud introduces myriad questions. One of which is: will you deploy in just one cloud, like AWS, or in multiple clouds? Whichever path you choose, it’s likely your application will require load balancing, or the services of an application delivery controller (ADC). Here we’ll examine your ADC options for applications fully or partially deployed in AWS.

A10 Lightning™ ADC optimizes the delivery and security of cloud-native applications and services running on public or private clouds. For organizations embracing the cloud and wanting to achieve application centricity, Lightning ADC increases operational efficiency, offloading IT administrators from cumbersome tasks, while reducing risk.

Lightning ADC provides innovative Layer 4 through Layer 7 capabilities, including traffic management with content-switching with advanced elastic load balancing; integration with DevOps processes like continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD); and security and analytics for applications on public, private and hybrid clouds.

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