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6 Critical Considerations Before You Spend Another $1 On Service Provider DDoS Defenses

Like any business, service providers are vulnerable to crushing multi-vector distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks carried out for political, social, criminal or competitive reasons. However, service providers must also contend with the DDoS domino effect: the added challenge of protecting their infrastructure from targeted attacks against subscribers that cause collateral damage to infrastructure and other unsuspecting
business customers.


Building affordable, scalable defenses and monetizing investments through value added scrubbing services to business customers is challenging, especially when working with older, established vendors. After the sticker shock of doubling or tripling defenses with incumbent vendors wanes, service providers realize they need a modern alternative that adds pinpoint precision with lower operating overhead. They need a solution that is scalable and makes economic sense, while ensuring future protection.


It’s your money and your business’ reputation on the line. Doing things the old way is expensive and ineffective against increasingly sophisticated attackers. A10 Thunder TPS™ (Threat Protection System) is a surgical multi-vector DDoS protection solution that ensures availability of your business services at any scale. It’s available in a wide range of form factors that make economic sense for your business.


This paper outlines six critical considerations that operators must investigate before making any additional investments into their existing DDoS defenses. A wise investment results in a significant payoff.


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