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5 Steps to Enhance Your Enterprise Security with High Performance SSL/TLS Decryption

In the WannaCry ransomware attack, more than 200,000 computers worldwide, including those used by healthcare organizations, were affected. Most notably, this attack affected Britain’s National Health Service (NHS), causing serious disruptions in the delivery of health services across Britain.


Besides understanding what is hiding in all this encrypted traffic, you also need to ensure your company is enforcing security and regulatory compliance for current and future standards, rules and regulations. Your job is becoming even more complex.


You need an easy-to-use, fast, and versatile inspection technology that will give you full visibility into your encrypted traffic without performance degradation from your existing security devices while ensuring compliance.


How can you accomplish this? In the following 5 steps, you will see how you can improve your enterprise security, help you meet regulatory compliance, and maximize your security performance and ROI.


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