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Case Studies

Global Gaming Company ZAPS DDoS Attacks in Real-Time with ZAPR

Gaming provider selects A10 Thunder TPS to detect attacks across its global network and mitigate DDoS attacks at the edge. Leverages Zero-Day Automation Protection (ZAP) for its Zero Trust approach to cybersecurity.


Secure What Matters

How will your network perform when it matters most? 5G mobile networks requires greater speed, security and resilience to support life-critical services and mission critical business applications. A10 Networks Orion 5G Security Suite provides high performance, infrastructure protection and agility to help mobile networks secure what matters, when it matters...


What is Mirai and How do You Protect Yourself Against it?

In this video, Solutions Architect, Ahmad Nassiri, explains what the Mirai DDoS attack is, the way it works and how to protect your networks against it.


The Effect of DDoS Attacks on Carrier-grade NAT Devices

In this video, Solutions Architect, Glen Turner, discusses what happens when a carrier-grade NAT infrastructure and IP NAT pools are subjected to DDoS attacks.


Remotely Triggered Black Hole Routing

In this video, Solutions Architect, Syed Danial Zaidi, looks at what remotely triggered black hole routing is, how it works and what it is used for.


What are Syn Cookies and how are they used?

In this video, Solutions Architect, Syed Danial Zaidi, looks at what SYN cookies are and how they can be used for TCP authentication to protect against SYN flood attacks.


Hybrid DDoS Cloud

In this video, Solutions Architect, Ahmad Nassiri, explains what hybrid DDoS is, the components needed for a hybrid deployment and how it helps protect and scale the protection needed in dynamic networks.


DDoS Attacks on Carrier-grade NAT Infrastructure

In this video, Solutions Architect, Glen Turner, talks about how our integrated DDoS protection solution can be used to protect the carrier-grade NAT infrastructure and IP NAT pools.


5G Security Solution Guide - Secure and Scale The Mobile Network During 5G Transition

Security is a top concern for operators as they approach 5G roll-outs. Mobile operators must balance security needs with other business requirements such as network performance and costs. The A10 Networks 5G security portfolio provides highly cost-efficient security solutions with the flexibility, scalability and protection mobile operators need as they...

Deployment Guides

Expedite Proactive DDoS Protection Deployment Using A10 aGalaxy System

This deployment guide contains the DDoS protection deployment architecture and workflow for proactive DDoS protection solution using A10 Thunder TPS and A10 aGalaxy systems.

Deployment Guides

ACOS Hardening Guide

This document contains information and recommendations to help you harden and secure your A10 ACOS systems, which will improve security in your networks and ACOS deployments. This information describes recommended security practices for hardening your ACOS systems that should be considered and applied in accordance with your organization's security policy.


Athos Networks Partners with A10 to Provide the Best in Security Solutions

Athos Networks is focused on providing the best security solutions to local Internet Service Providers in Brazil by partnering with A10 Networks.

White Papers

The Mobile Core Under Attack - Securing the 4G/LTE EPC and preparing for 5G migration

Unlike previous generational changes, the 5G rollout will be an evolutionary process--think of it not as a destination but a journey. However, mobile operators should not wait until the marketplace shakes out--that just gives competitors the first-mover advantage. The winning strategy is to act NOW. By carefully investing in upgrades...

Product Demos

Advanced Core Operating System

Discover how A10 Networks' ACOS is increasingly the platform of choice for enterprises, service providers, Web giants and government organizations seeking to optimize the performance and security of their data center applications and networks.