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A10 Networks Corporate Backgrounder

This document provides an overview of A10's business


5G and Edge Computing: Deployment and Monetization Strategies

As we upgrade our devices and carriers invest in scaling networks, adoption of 5G continues to grow. Gartner research has projected that by 2025, 75% of data will be processed at the edge, while market research firms agree that edge computing is a sizeable and quickly growing market segment. Download...


Toward a More Secure 5G World

Next-generation 5G networks are widely seen as one of the most fundamental technology developments of our current century. Much has been written about the potential of these ultra-high-speed, low-latency networks to drive a new era of digital innovation, breakthrough applications, and revenue growth for mobile operators and the economy as...


A10 Networks Delivers Comprehensive 5G Security

Mobile networks operators are struggling with escalating security threats while moving to 5G mobile and fixed wireless access infrastructure. Existing security solutions are inadequate and do not have the flexibility to adapt to new distributed topologies. Read this report by Moor Insights & Strategy to learn about the market need...


RCR Wireless Report: What's the Status of 5G Globally?

5G has taken the world by storm. According to a recent Ericsson Mobility Report, roughly 50 service providers around the world have already announced the availability of commercial 5G networks and that momentum is only expected to grow. Download this free RCR Wireless report to learn about: Operator policies and...


DDoS Weapons & Attack Vectors

Do you know which vulnerable servers and weapons are used globally to perform crushing DDoS attacks at massive scale? A10 Networks tracked nearly 6 million DDoS weapons. Download this infographic to learn about A10 Networks' finding and what you need to know about the threats targeting you today.


Signaling Security Plays a Key Role in Meeting New 5G Requirements

Near perfect network and service availability is a top priority for mobile operators as they scale up their networks for 5G traffic demands. The signaling or control plane interfaces in multi-generational mobile networks play a key role in 4G networks and in meeting new 5G requirements. Protecting interfaces and protocols...

Case Studies

Global Gaming Company ZAPS DDoS Attacks in Real-Time with ZAPR

Gaming provider selects A10 Thunder TPS to detect attacks across its global network and mitigate DDoS attacks at the edge. Leverages Zero-Day Automation Protection (ZAP) for its Zero Trust approach to cybersecurity.


Secure What Matters

How will your network perform when it matters most? 5G mobile networks requires greater speed, security and resilience to support life-critical services and mission critical business applications. A10 Networks Orion 5G Security Suite provides high performance, infrastructure protection and agility to help mobile networks secure what matters, when it matters...


What is Mirai and How do You Protect Yourself Against it?

In this video, Solutions Architect, Ahmad Nassiri, explains what the Mirai DDoS attack is, the way it works and how to protect your networks against it.


The Effect of DDoS Attacks on Carrier-grade NAT Devices

In this video, Solutions Architect, Glen Turner, discusses what happens when a carrier-grade NAT infrastructure and IP NAT pools are subjected to DDoS attacks.


Remotely Triggered Black Hole Routing

In this video, Solutions Architect, Syed Danial Zaidi, looks at what remotely triggered DDoS blackhole routing is, how it works and how it can be used to mitigate a DDoS attack.


What are Syn Cookies and how are they used?

In this video, Solutions Architect, Syed Danial Zaidi, looks at what SYN cookies are and how they can be used for TCP authentication to protect against SYN flood denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.


Hybrid DDoS Cloud

In this video, Solutions Architect, Ahmad Nassiri, explains what hybrid DDoS is, the components needed for a hybrid deployment and how it helps protect and scale the protection needed in dynamic networks.