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HardenStance Briefing: A10 Helps SKT Build Leadership in 5G

SK Telecom, the mobile industry 5G leader outlines their 5G and MEC strategy, and their relationship with A10. Written by Patrick Donegan of Hardenstance and based on an in depth written interview with SKT, this report describes the deployment success of this South Korean mobile operator and how they plan...


Mapping the Multi-cloud Enterprise

According to a new survey by A10 Networks and the Business Performance Innovation (BPI) Network, enterprises worldwide anticipate a continued rapid shift into multi-cloud computing. They see major benefits, but also face significant challenges in realizing the potential of multi-cloud, particularly in securing these new environments.


Why Switch to A10 Networks

This is a 3 minute video featuring Almas Raza as she describes why you should switch from F5 Big IP to A10 Networks.

Case Studies

SK Telecom

SK Telecom (SKT), the largest mobile operator in South Korea, launched the world's first commercial 5G service and needed to scale and secure its next-generation 5G ready network. SKT deployed Thunder CFW with Harmony Controller.


What are Containers and why do we need them?

In this video, Solutions Architect, Neha Sharma, explains what containers are, why they are needed and how they can be used to efficiently scale solutions like A10 Networks’ ADC.


Top 5 Reasons to Choose A10 Networks

Highlights 5 areas where A10 is better than the competition.

Deployment Guides

ACOS Hardening Guide

This document contains information and recommendations to help you harden and secure your A10 ACOS systems, which will improve security in your networks and ACOS deployments. This information describes recommended security practices for hardening your ACOS systems that should be considered and applied in accordance with your organization's security policy.


Athos Networks Partners with A10 to Provide the Best in Security Solutions

Athos Networks is focused on providing the best security solutions to local Internet Service Providers in Brazil by partnering with A10 Networks.

Product Demos

Advanced Core Operating System

Discover how A10 Networks' ACOS is increasingly the platform of choice for enterprises, service providers, Web giants and government organizations seeking to optimize the performance and security of their data center applications and networks.


3 Benefits of FlexPool: Allocation Flexibility, Investment Protection & Operational Simplicity

A10 Networks recently launched FlexPool, FlexPool a software subscription based capacity pooling license. FlexPool is a floating license pool that comprises a large and scalable quantity of A10 secure applications services such Thunder ADC, Thunder CGN and Thunder CFW. In this video, A10 Senior Product Marketing Manager John Gudmundson explains...


A10 Customers Working with A10 Solutions

Thoughts from our A10 Customer Advisory Board members regarding their experiences working with A10 Networks and A10 Solutions.

Case Studies

LeaseWeb: A10 Thunder TPS

Leaseweb protects customers of its global cloud hosting infrastructure against devastating DDoS attacks and offers multi-tiered, revenue-generating DDoS protection services. A10 Thunder TPS provides Leaseweb with intelligent automation to defeat the full spectrum of DDoS attacks across its global infrastructure. A fully automated response enables Leaseweb to reduce staffing and...


A10 Customer Advisory Board (CAB) Video 2019

On February 13, 2019 A10 Leadership invited IT professionals and thought leaders from various industries to Carmel, CA to join in discussion of how A10 Networks can help them succeed.

White Papers

Modernize Your 4G/LTE Network NOW for 5G Success

Unlike previous generational changes, the 5G rollout will be an evolutionary process—think of it not as a destination but a journey. However, mobile operators should not wait until the marketplace shakes out—that just gives competitors the first-mover advantage. The winning strategy is to act NOW. By carefully investing in upgrades...