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Solution Briefs

Secure and Protect DNS Traffic With DNS Over HTTPS (DoH)

A10 Networks offers DNS over HTTPS (DoH) natively through its Thunder® CFW for those organizations, that want to offer this capability to their subscribers. As demonstrated by service provider production use, the solution can handle the scale and DNS security requirements that DoH will deliver.

Solution Briefs

Secure the Edge with A10 Networks and Garland Technology

The A10 Networks and Garland Technology joint solution provides visibility to all security devices, including inline, out-of-band and ICAP- enabled devices. Together, A10 Networks and Garland Technology detect advanced threats with low impact and load-balance to distribute traffic across multiple networks.

Solution Briefs

Maximize Gateway Efficiency with GTP Director

The effective balancing of GTP traffic between packet and serving gateways is essential in sustaining 5G speed and low latency, and in maximizing the capacity utilization of gateways. The A10 Networks GTP Director allows mobile networks to dynamically respond to shifting traffic patterns and provides intelligent load balancing to maximize...

Solution Briefs

Secure the RAN - Security Gateway solution for evolving 5G Mobile Networks

Higher traffic loads with 5G demand increasing deployments of small cells and other radio nodes, often in less secure environments. If unprotected, these nodes and their interfaces to the core can be breached by malicious actors and cause network failure or violate subscriber confidentiality. The A10 security gateway complies with...

Solution Briefs

High-performance Virtual Network Functions for 5G Mobile Networks

Mobile network operators must quickly transform networks to virtualized 5G architectures to gain critical cost and service agility benefits, but security, performance, interoperability, and operations complexity remain key challenges. This solution brief describes A10 Networks comprehensive set of high-performance virtual network functions (VNFs) that are built for the unique security...

Solution Briefs

Cloud Access Proxy - Optimizing and Securing SaaS Deployments

This solution brief looks at the SaaS adoption trends, some of the problems encountered by enterprises when they move their applications to the cloud, and how A10's Cloud Access Proxy solution helps alleviate these problems. The document also contains details and technical specs of the solution components, including the Thunder...

Solution Briefs

GTP Firewall in 4G and 5G Mobile Networks

GPRS Tunneling Protocol (GTP) has been used successfully in mobile networks for over 20 years and will continue to play a significant role in 5G mobile networks of the future. Surging roaming traffic, automation-empowered cybercriminals, lightly protected IoT devices and smartphones, and new mission-critical applications have deepened the threats can...

Solution Briefs

SSL Insight with Niagara Networks External Bypass

A10 Networks and Niagara Networks have partnered to detect and stop malicious attacks hidden in encrypted traffic, while maintaining high availability. A10 Networks Thunder® SSLi® intercepts and decrypts SSL/TLS traffic and sends the decrypted traffic to third-party security devices for analysis. In the event of a software or hardware failure,...

Solution Briefs

Advanced Threat Prevention with A10 Networks and OPSWAT

The A10 Thunder SSLi and OPSWAT MetaDefender ICAP Server combined solution provides comprehensive enterprise security for organizations. Thunder SSLi's high-performance SSL/TLS decryption provides complete visibility to the MetaDefender's advanced multi-scanning, data sanitization and data loss prevention solutions.

Solution Briefs

NFV-MANO Integration Support

A10 Networks has collaborated with leading NFV-MANO vendors to introduce the integrated NFV-MANO orchestration and automation solutions to onboard, deploy, manage, scale and decommission A10 vThunder software appliance on mobile infrastructures. These integrated solutions benefit SPs with shortened TTM, lower TCO and automatic application security service deployment.

Solution Briefs

Comprehensive and Intelligent Network Security with A10 Networks

McAfee and A10 Networks offer a comprehensive network security solution that discovers and blocks malicious attacks hidden in encrypted traffic. A10 Thunder SSLi (SSL Insight) decrypts SSL-encrypted traffic, enabling McAfee to apply advanced detection and emulation techniques to the clear-text traffic, without compromising network performance.

Solution Briefs

Efficient Gi-LAN in Consolidating DPI and CGNAT into Gi-FW

A10's 5G-GiLAN solution enables Gi-LAN service consolidation while providing L4/L7 service functions. The result is simplified network components and reduced latency.

Solution Briefs

A10 Networks and Secureworks: Eliminating Modern Cyberattacks

A10 Networks and Secureworks offer a collaborative solution to mitigate malicious attacks hidden in encrypted traffic. A10 Thunder SSLi (SSL Insight) decrypts traffic across all ports, enabling Secureworks to perform deep packet inspection and analyze traffic without compromising performance.

Solution Briefs

Protecting Students from Online Threats by Enforcing CIPA

A10 Networks' Thunder CFW enables schools and libraries to enforce the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) to shield minors from malicious content on the Internet.

Solution Briefs

Secure Service Mesh

Enterprise-grade application deployments in Kubernetes environments require an enterprise-grade application delivery and security solution. A10 Secure Service Mesh not only provides load balancing and traffic management for application services, but also integrated security, traffic analytics and actionable insights for microservices deployed in Kubernetes.