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A10 Networks Corporate Backgrounder

This document provides an overview of A10's business


Signaling Security Plays a Key Role in Meeting New 5G Requirements

Near perfect network and service availability is a top priority for mobile operators as they scale up their networks for 5G traffic demands. The signaling or control plane interfaces in multi-generational mobile networks play a key role in 4G networks and in meeting new 5G requirements. Protecting interfaces and protocols...


5G Security Solution Guide - Secure and Scale The Mobile Network During 5G Transition

Security is a top concern for operators as they approach 5G roll-outs. Mobile operators must balance security needs with other business requirements such as network performance and costs. The A10 Networks 5G security portfolio provides highly cost-efficient security solutions with the flexibility, scalability and protection mobile operators need as they...


How to Optimize & Scale Your Enterprise Security Without Spending More on NGFWs

Enabling decryption on the enterprise edge seems to be the perfect solution to coping with the rising numbers of encrypted attacks. However, merely enabling decryption on security devices makes for an ineffective and short-term solution to an ever evolving problem. Organizations need to invest into solutions that can provide versatile...


A10 Networks Ports Software Licenses to Pool ADC Capacity

What’s all the fuss about FlexPool? Lower your costs, at least one-third compared to a perpetual model. “FlexPool addresses the sticky software licensing challenges of mobile workloads migrating across on-premises and/or co-located private clouds and public clouds… Capacity pooling is a much more flexible, usage-based arrangement suited to the mobile...


Technical Assistance Center Support Guide

A10 Networks is Committed to Your Complete Satisfaction Through teamwork, technology, expert knowledge, professionalism, and a commitment to excellence, our support team addresses customer issues as its main priority. The Technical Assistance Center (TAC), a worldwide customer service team, provides technical support on A10 Networks products recognizing the company's mission...


Top 8 Reasons to Choose A10 Networks (for Service Providers)

A10 Networks solutions help service providers improve customer satisfaction, monetize their networks and grow revenues. Accelerate, secure and optimize application delivery to drive down your costs, enhance service availability and quickly respond to dynamic market requirements. Learn the top eight reasons global service providers choose A10 Networks.


6 Discoveries IT Security Pros Need to Know about SSL Inspection

Threat actors are evolving. They are leveraging SSL-based encryption to hide malicious activity from existing security controls. To shed light on this emerging threat, A10 Networks commissioned the Ponemon Institute to conduct an exclusive study that evaluates threats hiding in SSL traffic, barriers for implementing decryption controls and features for...