Cisco ACI Integration

Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) provides an innovative architecture that simplifies application delivery lifecycle through a common policy framework. A10 Networks also shares a similar vision to deliver on-demand, policy-based mechanisms for dynamic L4-L7 services in a cloud environment. The Cisco ACI framework is open and enables ecosystem partners to interoperate with Cisco ACI fabric. A10 Networks, is a key partner in the Cisco ACI ecosystem. A10’s Thunder Application Delivery Controller (ADC) portfolio seamlessly integrates into the Cisco ACI policy and automation model so that L4 through L7 application and security services can be deployed rapidly providing the agility, automation and lower TCO in a modern data center.

Within Cisco ACI, the Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC) is the creation, repository, and enforcement point for application policies, which can be set based on application-specific network requirements. Essentially, Cisco APIC serves as the single point of automation and fabric element management in both physical and virtual environments. The APIC communicates with other L4-L7 elements in the fabric via plugin also known as device package. A10 Networks® physical, virtual and hybrid Thunder appliances are integrated into the open ACI infrastructure via the A10 APIC device package, enabling data center operators to deliver automated advanced L4-L7 tenant services on the Thunder ADC with choice of form factor that suites their consumption needs.

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A10 Thunder ADC device package integration
A10 Thunder ADC device package integration

The integration of A10 Networks Thunder ADCs with Cisco ACI solution provides enterprises with rich application delivery and security capabilities in a shared infrastructure. The integration can be leveraged to dynamically provision L4-L7 application services and ensure SLAs and security requirements are met consistently. The Thunder platform can help customers accelerate, secure and optimize the performance of their data center applications and networks. The comprehensive joint solution can effectively transform their data center by enabling automatic provisioning of application delivery and security services with a significant increase in provisioning speed, business agility and reduced costs.


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