Welcome to the New A10 Blog

“I don’t want to create a product. I want to help customers.”

If you spend any amount of time around A10 Networks founder and CEO Lee Chen, this edict — an unofficial corporate motto, even — surfaces in some form or fashion. Chen understands that A10 — as a company and as individual employees — can always better align each and every task with this belief.

An example of this devotion, today’s official re-launch of the A10 blog takes this customer-centric approach to the next phase. With it, we make this promise to you: the new blog won’t be full of news releases, pitches and product summaries. Rather, it will feature exclusive content and perspectives from industry experts.

The new blog is easier to read, navigate and consume. You can filter content by topics, tags, authors or what’s popular and trending. With this modern, intuitive site, we promise to provide insight, opinion and expertise about the application, networking, security, cloud and technology topics that actually affect your business and your role within the industry as a professional.

In fact, call us on it if we fail in this regard.

To highlight this dedication, here are a few example of the type of posts you can expect from A10:

We encourage you to explore the new home, comment on stories and engage with the authors and each other. And if you have suggestions for topics we should cover that matter to your business, please let us know. We’re here to empower you ­­— as a reader and a professional.

We can’t wait to connect.


October 4, 2016

About Paul Nicholson

Paul Nicholson brings 24 years of experience working with Internet and security companies in the U.S. and U.K. In his current position, Nicholson is responsible for global product marketing and strategy at San Jose, Calif.-based application networking and security leader A10 Networks. Prior to A10 Networks, Nicholson held various technical and management positions at Intel, Pandesic (the Internet company from Intel and SAP), Secure Computing, and various security start-ups. READ MORE