VMworld 2015: Check out how you can add advanced L4-7 services to your VMware NSX environment

Once again the globe’s preeminent IT experts (You!) will be convening in San Francisco to learn the latest advances in virtualization for servers, networking, storage and security. A10 Networks will be there (booth #2140) to show several amazing feats to help optimize and simplify your data center infrastructure. You can hear about how to: Add next generation networking and security to your NSX-based SDN deployments; implement A10’s Harmony with vCloud Automation Center for orchestration; leverage supporting VXLAN and NVGRE overlay tunneling protocols; and uncover and eliminate hidden malware threats and volumetric attacks. If this doesn’t intrigue you, well, stop by and we can tell you about other advances you didn’t think were possible.

VMware NSX integration with A10 Harmony

Our esteemed technical authorities will demonstrate integration of A10 aCloud Services Architecture with the NSX controller platform.  This ensures that network and security policies are aptly applied on A10’s physical, virtual and hybrid appliances. You can now enforce these policies on work flows entering into your virtual networks. Plug-in modules using our aXAPI interface eliminate the manual configuration of higher layer security and networking services and accelerate faster rollout. Modules include services within A10’s application delivery controllers (ADCs)carrier grade NAT (CGNAT) for IPv4 scaling, IPv6 migrationDNS application firewallweb application firewall (WAF)SSL InsightDistributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection, and application access management (AAM). As a bonus, automation of provisioning and management drives down operational overhead and reduces costs. You might want to think of this as ‘controlling the controller’.

Automation through integration with vCloud Automation Center

You will also see how A10’s service modules enable you to automate higher layer services provisioning through integration with VMware vCloud Automation Center. This empowers you to dynamically enforce centralized tenant policies as new workloads and application services are created. By automating policy configurations that implement load balancing, content switching, security and other application networking services you save on cost and have more time to relax. All A10 appliances can be provisioned and managed (instantiated, configured, and monitored) via plug-in modules. What’s more, you get centralized management and monitoring to ensure accurate and unified configuration of application services and health monitoring parameters on A10 appliances.

Overcome scalability issues in large cloud deployments

You will learn how our aCloud Services Architecture supports VXLAN and NVGRE overlay tunneling protocols. With the VMware inspired VXLAN now you can manage up to 16 million logical networks. Try doing that with VLANs! The A10 ACOS platform allows you to expand services deeper into the network fabric in virtualized environments. These capabilities provide automated enforcement of network segmentation policies by applying the appropriate tags on the traffic entering into the networks.

These overlay protocols allow you to create scalable services architecture with end-to-end isolated network domains for tenants. Multiple isolated virtual overlay networks can be provisioned with tunnel encapsulation protocols without changing the existing network. Applications running in a virtual Layer 2 domain in one datacenter can be extended over Layer 3 networks to another datacenter regardless of IP addressing or geographical location. NVGREand VXLAN gateway functionality on A10 devices enables virtual Layer 2 domain connectivity.

Incorporate advanced security

A10 is the leader in uncovering hidden threats in encrypted traffic. Malicious users leverage SSL to conceal their exploits. With A10’s SSL Insight, you obtain the power to analyze all data including encrypted data by intercepting and decrypting SSL sessions, load balancing and sending them to third party security devices for inspection. Image handling up to 40 Gbps of such secure communications. Any alternate vendor would gag if asked to do 4 Gbps. See how it is done.

Now image having a massive DDoS, protocol anomaly or multi-vector L7 attack aimed at your servers. Assume the botnet army can muster up over 100Gbps of sustained capacity. Well, come to our booth and see how we can stop this from taking out your data center and your job with A10 Threat Protection Systems.

A10 experts will also provide a demonstration of how to augment, offload and consolidate your authentication and authorization infrastructure. The need for AAA is obvious but without a way to simplify and scale these services you either massively over provision at great cost or risk client rage when authentication fails or they need to repeatedly enter user credentials. A10’s integrated Application Access Management (AAM) module offloads a great deal of AAA server processing, eliminates authentication point proliferation, enables single sign-on, and provides granular access control.

Please join A10 Networks in booth #2140 in San Francisco at VMworld 2015. In looking at all we will highlight at the conference you may think you need to spend half a day just with us. We promise to be brief. Honest! Give us 5 minutes and we will give you the (VM) World! And you may even win a drone or the ever popular light sabers.


August 21, 2015

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