Top Security Conversations at RSA Conference 2019

With over 42,000 attendees and 500+ exhibitors, the RSA Conference can be considered the largest security event in North America. A10 Networks had a strong presence on the show floor with presentations from our security experts and partners, and a host of demos of our latest security technology, including 5G security and DDoS solutions.

Conversations around security and its implications are plenty as consumers and businesses alike embrace digital transformation, cloud services, 5G networks, and the new and ever-growing numbers of IoT devices. Security has become a top concern in the C-suite and in boardrooms as companies grapple with the staggering number of breaches, DDoS attacks and the proliferation of hackers-for-hire that bring real economic harm to organizations and consumers.

With this backdrop, A10 Networks hosted a panel of security experts to discuss the top concerns for security professionals this year.

Panelists included:

  • Emily Miller, Director of national security and critical infrastructure programs at Mocana
  • Jo Peterson, Vice president of cloud services at Clarify365
  • Michelle Ruyle, CEO and founder of Optimized Channel
  • Moderated by Tamara McCleary, CEO of Thulium

The panelists discussed questions such as, what’s driving the growing investments in data security?

As noted by Jo Peterson, we are at a tipping point in technology. There is a shortage of security skillset and people in the industry. There are new regulations like GDPR governing what data is collected and how it is being used and housed. And cloud, changes everything. Just 10 years ago, AWS built its first public cloud service. Cloud infrastructures and services are changing how companies serve their customers, how they procure technology and how they build out their security posture.

Emily Miller continued, “Digital transformation and security really butt heads. We are advancing technology way faster than we are able to keep up with security.”

There were many key takeaways from the discussion, including:

  • Shadow IT is out of control. A systemic problem the larger the company, the larger the issue. The onset of “digital determination” has, for example, empowered employees to use a credit card and spin up a public cloud instance.
  • There is a shift in the attack vector from network to the user. Attackers are using networks to get to devices: phones, laptops, and now IoT, to make them do things they are not intended to do. 5G networks will only increase the exposure of devices, and their users, to attacks.
  • To bridge the gender gap in STEM, we need to start young, at the elementary school age, teaching them and empowering them to learn and become interested in careers in STEM.

It was clear from the discussion and a consensus among all panelists that security needs to be top-of-mind, not only in the C-suite, but in the boardroom. It must become a top strategic initiative. Companies not only need to care about what the latest exploit is but also what the monetary and economic impact could be.

The full video of the panel discussion is available online.