How A10 Fueled QuakeCon’s ‘Three Days of Peace, Love and Rockets’ (Video)

QuakeCon’s gaming network must deliver two things: high performance and very low latency.

The annual festival – dubbed “three days of peace, love and rockets” by the QuakeCon team – brings together thousands of gamers, a group that demands top performance and won’t stand for network interruptions.

To power the gameplay, the QuakeCon team builds a temporary enterprise-grade network, comprising 2,000 endpoints, 114 access switches and a core network that feeds it all.

For QuakeCon 2017, the team selected A10 Thunder CGN for speed, scalability, security and insight into what’s happening in the network.

In the video above, QuakeCon’s Jason Katterhenry and A10’s Rob Justice explain how A10’s leadership in online gaming helped it deliver high-performance networking and security solutions to QuakeCon.

A10 Is a Leader in High-Performance, Secure Networks

In this video, see why seven of the top 12 online gaming companies in the world, along with high-performance enterprises and service providers, choose A10 to deliver DDoS protection, additional security, load balancing and carrier-grade NAT services.


September 7, 2017

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