How the ACE Trade-In Program Helps Show the Value of ACOS

Paul Nicholson
October 24, 2013

A10 Networks Blog

Being a nimble company has its advantages. When Cisco announced that they would be discontinuing their ACE product line, we were the first Application Delivery Controller (ADC) / Server Load Balancing (SLB) vendor to announce a Cisco ACE Trade-In Program.  This meant that all those companies and organizations that used the ACE for their load balancing and application delivery who needed to find an alternative solution, could easily transition to our products.

However, a small hiccup presented itself: while there are now no future development plans from Cisco for the ACE product line, they still need to have support available to existing ACE customers.  While we’ve had success getting into new accounts by displaying A10’s superior support, platform, pricing, and zero licensing, the question remains “why?” Even though A10 has a competitive solution, why should I abandon my current ACE solution, when Cisco has guaranteed us continued support? The answer has to be all about ACOS, A10’s Advanced Core OS.  ACOS’s multi-core CPU 64-bit architecture and advanced features has helped A10 be a disruptive force in this market, and the ACE Trade-In Program is the perfect medium to display ACOS’s value.

With our solution, former ACE customers can consolidate their existing, aging installations at very high ratios of 15:1 or more. Customers with deployments reliant on Cisco ACE Virtual Contexts can transition to A10’s multi-tenancy solutions with Application Delivery Partitions (ADPs). Our CLI is industry-standard and Cisco-like, which means quicker staff ramp-up time and reduced training cost.

A great example of the success of the program is our win with web-hosting giant, GoDaddy in January of this year. This was one of the premier high-profile ACE replacement deals that occurred once Cisco announced the end of development for the ACE line, and it was the first large scale replacement to be announced publicly. “Using A10, we are able to provide the same, top-level service our nearly 11 million customers have come to expect while improving reliability and keeping costs down,” said Go Daddy Director of Networking Tim Parker (reported by CRN).

While Cisco is still offering support to its existing ACE customers, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will continue, by discontinuing any new development on the ACE line, Cisco will ultimately ramp down its ACE support staff and continued training for that support staff.  With a clear vision, focused platform development, and comprehensive roadmap for its product lines, A10 is able to bolster and develop its support and product development staff and set the high standard for quality that we’ve become known for.

For more information about or Cisco ACE Trade-In Program: www.a10networks.com/how-to-buy/

Paul Nicholson
October 24, 2013

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