Corporate Security and Cultural Responsibility at Black Hat 2018

The New Meaning of Social Security

At Black Hat USA this year, event founder Jeff Moss asked audience members if they came from companies with a culture of security. Only a few hands rose. Despite the fact that we are in the midst of a confluence of pressure-GDPR, the risks of partnering with third-party cloud vendors, and the increasing ease of collecting data without a correlating ability to secure it, to name a few-Moss said organizations still aren’t taking the steps necessary to defend themselves.

Our adversaries have strategies and we have tactics. Adversaries have time on their side in their planning of attacks, while organizations are busy fending off threats as they emerge. This should concern everyone, because the world’s dependence on safe technology is increasing.

Black Hat USA 2018 keynote by Parisa Tabriz, Google’s Director of Engineering, said that although we’ve made great strides in computer security over the last decade, the landscape is increasingly complex and our current approach is insufficient. We have a responsibility to make things better.

The advice from Black Hat thought leaders is that businesses should not wait for customers to ask for stronger security measures. Customers won’t make that request-they’re more likely to assume that you’ve already incorporated the most rigorous security into your offerings. Responsible businesses will take the initiative to build security features into their products that are suited to the adversarial environment we’re dealing with today. This is how we create a more secure world for everyone.

A10 Networks spoke to many Black Hat attendees who were interested in DDoS defense at scale, preparing their mobile networks for 5G and IoT, and how to stop hidden threats in encrypted traffic. The relationship between these types of threats and the security of our society as a whole is clear. With technology and business models evolving as quickly as they are right now, we need to think not just about the tactical act of stopping immediate threats, but the strategic goal of defending against future attacks as well.

There’s a lot of uncertainty around cybersecurity today, but the mood at Black Hat was positive. As Parisa Tabriz said, together, we can figure this out.

Have a Safe Year

Threats are going to keep evolving with no end in sight. If you have questions about the future of security, visit our website to learn more about A10’s security solutions.

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August 14, 2018

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