Multi-Cloud, Encryption Dominate Conversation at Cisco Live

At Cisco Live U.S. in Las Vegas last week, two messages rang loud and clear: multi-cloud environments are the wave of the future, and encryption, while protecting and securing traffic, can also be used to hide malware.

Multi-Cloud Takes Center Stage

If you’re under the impression that your business will utilize just one cloud environment; think again.

“We don’t live in a single cloud world. I love it when people say the cloud – how many have a cloud? There’s more than one,” said Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins during his Cisco Live keynote, CBR Online reported.

Throughout his keynote, Robbins discussed what Cisco is calling intent-based networking, which is specifically designed to operate in a multi-cloud world and delivers scale, removes complexity and assures security.

“This is a major challenge we have to solve,” Robbins said, ZDNet wrote.

“It’s not going to the cloud, it’s going to many, many clouds. And the network has a unique ability to help you navigate that by preserving your policy and your security.”

According to Robbins, building security into every facet of the network and the cloud is imperative for the future of digital business, especially in a multi-cloud environment that does automation at scale and leverages an intelligent networking platform that recognizes intent and context

“The network is going to be the platform across which all connections come into your world and we have to apply security the moment it hits the wire or we don’t have a chance,” Robbins said, Enterprise Networking Planet reported.

A10 Discusses the Multi-Cloud Future

A10 Networks was at Cisco Live showcasing how our A10 Harmony Controller delivers centralized management and granular analytics for secure application services in a multi-cloud world. A10 Harmony Controller offers centralized management across underlying infrastructure — from traditional on-premise data centers to public, private and hybrid clouds.

We also showcased how A10 Lightning ADC, our cloud-native, software-defined solution, provides integrated advanced load-balancing, performance optimization, application security and per-application analytics to increase operational agility and application performance.

A10 also displayed our recent integration with Cisco CloudCenter, which makes it easier for customers to drag and drop capabilities to migrate any workload from any source to the cloud. Enterprises can accelerate their cloud adoption and hybrid IT journey, and confidently amange apps and workloads betwen their data center and public or private clouds.

Working in concert, Harmony Controller and Lightning ADC are a one-two punch for secure application management and control in a multi-cloud world.

The Network Blind Spot: Encrypted Traffic

During the day two keynotes at Cisco Live, TK Keanini, Cisco Principal Engineer, highlighted the growth of encrypted traffic, and how threat actors are using it as a new attack vector.

“On any given day, how much of your digital business travels in the clear, versus encrypted?” he asked, according to Forbes.

Keanini said that for businesses, encryption is no longer the exception, it’s the rule. He said more than 55 percent of all traffic was encrypted in 2017, and it’s expected to exceed 80 percent in the next two years. Meanwhile, he added, 70 percent of cyberattacks are expected to be encrypted by 2019.

Cisco Vice President and General Manager of Networking and Security David Goeckeler called encrypted malware “one of the biggest challenges in network security.”

Shining a Light On Encrypted Threats

At Cisco Live, A10 highlighted how we work together with Cisco to eliminate the network blind spot created by encrypted traffic, which has become too big to ignore. We demonstrated how A10 Thunder SSLi and Cisco FirePOWER integrate to expose and eliminate threats and malware that can often go unnoticed when concealed in encrypted traffic.

Learn more about A10 Harmony Controller in this data sheet. And if you want to take it for a spin, you can try it free for 30 days.

And to learn more about how A10 Thunder SSLi, download our ebook and check out this video.


July 6, 2017

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