Black Hat USA: A10 Social Goes Galactic

Did Han shoot first? Like you, we have our opinions but there’s only one correct answer.

That said, during A10’s Black Hat 2016 kick-off post we promised Star Wars giveaways. Our sci-fi war chest included Star Wars BB-8 droids, light sabers, Star Wars Pez, “Darth Chocolates” and more. It’s clear that these A10 fans,

It’s clear that these A10 fans, customers and newcomers go above and beyond to get their hands on the Star Wars goods. Here are some of our favorites. It’s not too late to join in. We’ll be at Booth 1354 at Black Hat 2016 all day today.

Remember, “You must unlearn what you have learned,” is more than sage advice from Yoda. Security now starts with A10. Join us today at Booth 1354 at Black Hat 2016.



August 4, 2016

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