Terry Young
May 11, 2022

About Terry Young

Terry Young is Director of 5G Marketing at A10 Networks. She is responsible for developing programs and marketing material that describe business value of A10 solutions for mobile network operators and other service providers. Prior to A10 Networks, Terry has 20 years experience in the telecommunications industry, including AT&T (mobile and fixed businesses), where she developed market strategy recommendations for new business initiatives for AT&T. As a principal analyst for a syndicated market research company early in the 3G technology introduction, her 3G/4G market analysis and forecasts were published by the UMTS Forum. She also previously held positions with several start-up mobile infrastructure and software vendors, including Infoblox and Palo Alto Networks. Terry has an MBA from Arizona State University and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Recent posts by the Author

May 11, 2022

The IPv4 Address Cost Rollercoaster

A10 introduces five-year estimator to ease forecast uncertainty IPv4: High Demand, Uncertain Supply, Rising Costs When regional ISPs begin utilizing government funding to expand their network to unserved subscribers, homes, or businesses, they may quickly discover a roadblock they hadn’t calculated into their budgets: they are out of IPv4 addresses. IPv4 exhaustion has been an…

April 20, 2022

C Spire Tackles Digital Divide with Industry Collaboration

As the COVID-19 pandemic made all too clear, extending internet access to underserved areas isn’t just a matter of market growth. With many consumers increasingly reliant on high-speed internet for access to medical care, education, and employment, closing the digital divide has become essential to ensure that people everywhere can participate fully in modern life.…

April 12, 2022

DDoS Attacks and IPv6 Transition Impede Rural Broadband

Rural broadband providers and other regional CSPs are playing a critical role in closing the digital divide. Within the U.S., a broad range of initiatives such as the Rural Development Opportunity Fund (RODF) and Connect America Fund (CAF) are channeling resources to support broadband connectivity to unserved and underserved populations. In Europe, E.U. support is…

March 14, 2022

Rural Broadband Initiatives to Fund Rural Internet Expansion

The essential role of broadband connectivity in modern life—highlighted by the shift to virtual activities during the COVID-19 pandemic—has added urgency to efforts to close the digital divide. While people living in cities typically enjoy ready access to high-speed connectivity, rural internet customers are often less fortunate, with few if any options for broadband service.…

March 2, 2022

How Rural Broadband Carriers Are Closing the Digital Divide

Closing the digital divide in underserved rural markets represents a clear challenge and opportunity for internet service providers (ISPs). A recent STL Partners Executive Briefing, How Regional ISPs Are Bridging the Digital Divide through Innovation, explores the unique challenges posed by the rural broadband buildout as well as innovative business models developed by leading companies to…

December 13, 2021

Closing the Digital Divide with Rural Broadband

The estimated 42 million U.S. consumers who currently lack broadband internet service offer tremendous growth opportunities for ISPs—especially with the tailwind provided by government-led initiates to expand rural broadband and close the digital divide. However, much work needs to be done for service providers to capitalize on this potential and expand network functionality to more…

December 6, 2021

Intel Network Builders Awards Titanium Winner Circle to A10 Networks

Intel Network Builders has announced the finalists in their annual Winners’ Circle and A10 was awarded the highest level – Titanium. For the third year in a row, A10 is a Winners’ Circle finalist along with industry leaders such as Dell, Ericsson, HPE, Nokia and many others. You can see the announcement and the full list of…

September 28, 2021

Rural Broadband Buildout: From Funding to Security and More

Building a Future-ready Rural Broadband Infrastructure The push to extend broadband to underserved communities is well underway—and it’s gaining speed. Even before the global pandemic, governments around the world were offering new funding to help operators reach underserved communities and bridge the digital divide. Now, such efforts are seen as all the more critical to…

August 26, 2021

Overcoming the Challenges of IPv4 Exhaustion

As hundreds of regional communications service providers rush to deploy broadband and add thousands of new subscribers to their networks, they face a long list of tasks and budget items to be addressed. Much of the budget and buildout schedule will focus on the physical deployment of the fiber (FTTH) or wireless access. However, back…

April 15, 2021

Communications Service Providers—Don’t Let IPv4 Exhaustion Stop Your Growth

As rural broadband initiatives and digital divide programs like the FCC’s Rural Development Opportunity Fund (RDOF) and Emergency Broadband Benefit Program and the USDA’s ReConnect make billions of dollars available to help bridge the digital divide, communications service providers have a wealth of opportunities to add subscribers, expand territory, and grow their business. First, though,…