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About David Bloxberg

David Bloxberg
David Bloxberg

David Bloxberg is a veteran tech industry communicator working at the forefront of networking and cybersecurity. Trained as a journalist, Bloxberg began his career with Knight-Ridder, Associated Press, and Los Angeles Times, where he honed his skills as a researcher and storyteller.

As the tech sector heated up in the late 90s, he moved into marketing for top firms including Nortel Networks, Sun Microsystems, Infinera, HP, and Fujitsu. Delving deep into technologies for telecommunications, servers, and storage, as well as rapidly evolving digital communications channels and practices, he gained a valuable perspective on the tech marketing ecosystem.

Since the early 2000s, Bloxberg has led the online presence for A10 Networks as webmaster, senior marketing manager, and SEO strategist. His team of writers, producers, and developers builds, curates, and publishes content supporting A10 Networks solutions and educating customers about topics in networking and cybersecurity such as server load balancing, IPv4 exhaustion/CGNAT, and DDoS attacks and defense.

While Bloxberg’s job description focuses on marketing priorities such as demand generation, website management, and brand marketing, his true passion is helping make the digital world a little more understandable, secure, and rewarding for all.

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