AFCEA West 2017: Cyber Security is Nation’s Biggest Battlefield

Cyber security is no longer just a technology issue, it’s a matter of national importance.

At last week’s West 2017 in San Diego, a conference co-sponsored by AFCEA International and the U.S. Naval Institute that connects military and government officials with industry leaders to discuss the evolving technology landscape, conversations focused on how security threats from bad actors and nation states are changing the national technology landscape and how the U.S. has to fortify its security and be prepared to fight.

“It must be viewed more broadly and must be tackled from a national security perspective,” said Adm. Michael Rogers, USN, director of the National Security Agency (NSA) and commander of U.S. Cyber Command during a West 2017 presentation, according to SIGNAL.

Adm. Rogers said the military and government must demand reliable solutions to defend national assets and that the nation must have the work force in place to tackle emerging technology trends such as machine learning and automation.

One key theme that emerged from West 2017 is that cyber security is the new national battleground.

“Cyber is an operational domain in which we do a variety of missions and functions, many of which are very traditional,” Adm. Rogers said in SIGNAL. “We do reconnaissance, we do fires, we do maneuvers. The same things I was used to as a surface [warfare] officer … I’m constantly going back to that.”

Weapons for the Cyber War

A10 Networks was on-hand at West 2017 to show how A10 Thunder SSLi can help federal agencies break and inspect SSL encrypted traffic to sniff out threats that may be otherwise concealed.

Forty-two percent of federal agencies’ inbound web traffic and 32 percent of their outbound traffic is encrypted, according to a Ponemon Institute survey. The survey also revealed that among the public sector respondents who suffered an attack in the past year, 43 percent of those attacks used encryption to avoid detection.

Thunder SSLi gives federal agencies a powerful weapon in the war against malicious encrypted traffic.

Along with SSLi, A10 also highlighted A10 Thunder TPS, solutions that help federal agencies defend against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

Thunder SSLi and Thunder TPS are two strategic solutions to help federal agencies on the cyber security battlefield.


March 1, 2017

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