A10 Connect Focuses on Overcoming Business, Technology Challenges

A10 Executive Vice President of Worldwide Sales Ray Smets kicked off the inaugural A10 Connect with a bold declaration: “We have to think of different ways to solve the problems we’re currently trying to solve.”

With 5.5 million new connected devices per day; 11.6 billion mobile devices expected by 2020; and 3.7 exabytes of mobile data traffic per month, the game has changed, Smets said.

“We live in a very frenetic, fast-paced environment,” he said. “The world is not slowing down.”

And for CIOs, there’s a perfect storm brewing; data center networking is the No. 1 area in need of a refresh; security is a major concern as threats like DDoS attacks and encrypted malware become more sophisticated; and cloud computing continues to accelerate.

This creates an IT balancing act where teams are forced to do more with less, yet ensure they’re thoroughly tackling today’s biggest challenges.

Smets offered four architectural considerations for CIOs that can help them solve for these modern challenges:

Taking these considerations to heart and planning around them will help ensure that companies are evolving their strategies to find success.


July 12, 2017

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