A10 AIR: The False Sense of App Security (Infographic)

Even though users are more security-conscious than ever, their behavior still doesn’t align with their intentions. In our app-blended lifestyles, the convenience, immediacy and pure dependency of apps often supersedes security considerations.

In the infographic above, we take a deeper look at some of the security-focused data from the A10 Application Intelligence Report, or A10 AIR, and examine how app dependency is threatening user security and digital identities.

A10 AIR is a global research project that examines the use of apps and how our attitude, behavior and experience involving apps impacts personal and corporate security.

For more information the impact our app-blended lifestyles have on business and corporate security, download the A10 Application Intelligence Report now. In A10 AIR, you’ll learn how our behavior and attitude regarding apps impacts business and how organizations can ensure safety and security amid a culture shifting toward an app-fueled life.


May 25, 2017

About Andrew Hickey

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