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Why Big Brands Use Us: Top 10 Reasons

There’s a reason 3,000+ enterprises and services providers chose A10. Actually, there are 10.

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Read the Top 10 Reasons to Select A10’s Application Delivery Controllers.

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How Big Brands Use Us: Client Solutions

A10 is a top pick worldwide for Application Delivery Controllers, delivering performance, scalability and security.

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ACOS: Why It Matters

ACOS Shared Memory Architecture

Shared memory is available to all cores, which allows efficient and consistent access to shared data (configuration, policies, content caching and security learning).

Consistent view of memory allows immediate enforcement of any policy or configuration changes without the need to copy memory blocks across CPU cores.

In addition, real-time accounting and statistics will be accurately collected. Shared memory is also very efficient, since it eliminates the overhead and system costs associated with data duplication or replication.

Learn the benefits of a ACOS High-Speed Shared Memory Architecture.

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The A10 ROI Calculator is designed to help IT managers understand the potential bottom line impact an A10 Application Deliver Controller (ADC) can provide built around your exact specifications.

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