AX Series Advantage: Application Delivery Controllers

Application Delivery Controllers and server load balancers, IPv6 Migration, Cloud Computing and Virtualization A10 Networks was created to solve business problems through the innovative use of modern networking and security technologies. With the rapid speed of online communication today, customers are choosing A10's flagship AX Series Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) to help their networks and business keep pace.

With the boom in video technology, sharing of large files, eCommerce applications, social networking, email traffic, wireless devices, smartphones and many more, Internet traffic is predicted to grow 40 percent year over year. A10's AX Series are flexible with the industry's highest performance and scalability to address organizations' network needs to ensure fast and secure Web or other applications for end users, today and in the future.

AX Series Solutions

The AX Series is a high-performance, scalable platform and the technology leader in three key addressable markets. The first is our core market for Advanced Application Delivery Controllers and new generation server load balancer functionality. The second is IPv6 Migration, and IPv4 Preservation, where the AX leads with many large scale deployments worldwide. The third is Cloud Computing and Virtualization whereby Virtualization is at the Center of Cloud Computing and the AX Series delivers the widest range of options.

AX Series Benefits

Application Delivery Landscape

  • State of the art scalability
  • High performance protection against malicious attacks
  • Web application acceleration and optimization
  • Server and application high-availability
  • Faster user experience
  • Best in class price/performance ADC solution
  • Simple deployment and ease of management

Application Solutions

The AX Series increases scalability, availability and security for enterprise applications. A10 has a variety of deployment guides and customer usage scenarios to assist with efficient enterprise deployments.

Application Solutions

The AX Series family includes platforms for all size enterprises, data centers and carriers/ISPs, in all verticals.

AX Series ROI

From entry-level to high-end, A10's AX Series delivers rapid return on investment (ROI) versus incumbents.

Equivalent Throughput: 7.5 Gbps

Equivalent Performance: 4.5+ million Layer 4 connections per second

To obtain throughput equal to our entry-level 64-bit AX 1030, you would need 8 of the marketshare leader's entry-level appliances at over 8X CAPEX cost, space, power and units to manage.

To obtain performance equal to our high-end, "supercomputer class" 64-bit AX 5200-11, you would need two of the marketshare leader's chassis systems with six blades at more than 3X CAPEX cost, 7X space, 4X power to run and 2X units to manage.

AX Series Differentiators

The AX Series appliances are the industry's first 64-bit Application Delivery Controllers, featuring our 64-bit Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS) and 64-bit hardware platforms. 64-bit processing is the latest significant leap for networking devices, increasing addressable memory to achieve the industry's highest levels of scalability and performance. The impact to users and network architects is considerable: Users are delivered applications faster and seamlessly, with network architects obtaining greater efficiencies, flexibility and extensibility when deploying and managing data center applications. As data centers upgrade to 64-bit applications and servers, the 64-bit AX Series ensures a return on investment for years to come.

Innovative Architecture:
AX's ACOS employs a shared memory architecture for maximum efficiency. ACOS was designed for modern multi-core processors, uniquely with zero copy, zero Inter-Process Communication (IPC), zero interrupt, zero scheduling and zero locking to achieve linear scalability across CPUs. This delivers higher performance, higher throughput, lower latency and higher energy efficiency than any other ADC on the market.

Advanced Features:
Employs specific Layer 4-7 performance and acceleration technologies such as SSL Off-load, Caching, Compression, TCP Connection Reuse & HTTP Multiplexing. Includes advanced features such as superior High Availability, L7 Scripting, DNS Application Firewall, IPv6-IPv4 translation, Carrier Grade NAT/ Large Scale NAT, DS-Lite, Multi-tenancy, Dynamic Provisioning and Global Server Load Balancing for Business Continuity.

Energy Efficiency:
Delivers the industry's most compact and "green" solutions with the best performance per Watt per rack unit. Competitors' high end platforms offer less than half the performance, while using three times the power and rack space. At 660 Watts maximum power consumption, the AX 5200-11 is the world's performance and energy efficiency leader, redefining the requirements for the highend "supercomputer class" ADC.

No Licenses:
All features are included without additional licensing fees, greatly reducing total cost of ownership for enterprises. This applies equally to feature and performance licenses.

Datacenter Consolidation:
Replaces incumbent ADCs such as those from F5 Networks, Citrix NetScaler, Cisco, and others at a ratio of three to one AX, or higher.

Superior Technical and Engineering Support:
A10 delivers the most responsive support in the market today, with the capability to resolve complicated issues within days versus weeks or months.

Customers select the AX Series because they are faster, better and greener than any competing solution on the market today.

Faster - Speed and capacity: According to performance metrics including Layer 4, Layer 7 and throughput, AX Series delivers the industry's best price/performance ratio. Architected for scalability, the compact 2U AX 5200-11 can achieve over 4.5 million L4 connections per second (CPS), which exceeds any competing system on the market today.

Better - Flexible platform, advanced features, disruptive price and world-class support: The AX platform is designed to meet customers' current and future needs with headroom to grow. For organizations working on initiatives for datacenter consolidation, virtualization, software as a service (SaaS), cloud computing, IPv6 and more, AX dramatically lowers the total cost of deployment as all features are included without additional licensing fees. AX Series delivers the most responsive support in the market, guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

Greener - Industry's most energy effi cient platform: The scalable Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS) architecture, with shared memory, provides the foundation for the industry's most energy-efficient ADC. All AX Series appliances set a new green standard in compact form factors with high performance, a smaller footprint and less power to run versus competitors. AX models deliver superior performance per Watt (PPW) versus competing solutions.

AX Series' standard features, custom scripting features and ability to rapidly develop features deliver the flexibility to integrate into the most complex application environments.

A10 versus Competitors aFleX TCL-based scripting enables flexibility to off-load server tasks to the AX as well as overcome integration issues from legacy applications, user browsers or cutting edge mashups in Web 2.0 environments. aFleX traffic customization examples include:

aXAPI REST-style XML API allows dynamic integration into any third party or homegrown application, allowing applications to adjust policies or gain information in real-time, as needed. An example of this is the aXAPI and VMware vCenter integration for dynamic provisioning and de-provisioning. Any application can utilize aXAPI to improve servers, virtual or physical.

Scriptable Health Checks in TCL, Perl and other shell scripts ensure any application can be supported. While application health checks can check an element for data to ensure an application is operating, scriptable health checks allow an application to check multiple elements to show state up or down. Network, Web server, application server and other elements can all be confirmed to be operational as needed.

AX Series is a Safe Choice

With over 1,800 AX Series customers worldwide, A10 is one of the fastest growing technology companies in the Silicon Valley. The vast majority of our revenue comes from large enterprises, large social media sites and service providers, and examples include the largest Internet and online retail sites and automobile vendors in the world, the largest cable providers in the US and the largest carriers in Japan.

About A10 Networks

A10 Networks was founded in 2004 with a mission to provide innovative networking and security solutions. A10 Networks makes high-performance products that help organizations accelerate, optimize and secure their applications. A10 Networks is headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in the United States and centers of excellence around the globe.