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Application Traffic Acceleration

As many data center operators know, it is difficult to control all aspects of the network between the application server and the end customer, which poses significant challenges for application performance. Fortunately, many tools and features are available to help accelerate application content to ensure optimal delivery and offload backend server infrastructure.

To accelerate traffic and optimize infrastructure, various techniques can be employed on the Thunder and AX Series Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs):

Network level TCP optimization to reduce unnecessary TCP connections via connection reuse, dynamic window sizing, or TCP multiplexing

Content caching (static or dynamic RAM caching) to accelerate the user experience and decrease Web server requests

Compression to reduce transmitted data payloads

TCP Connection Re-Use, SSL Offload, RAM Caching, HTTP Compression SSL offload

With the Thunder and AX Series' purposeful hardware, Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS) and acceleration optimization technologies, application performance and user response times are improved with reductions in bandwidth usage, faster response times and reduced application server resource usage. All of these features accelerate critical applications for local, remote and branch-office users.