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August 2013

Help us define the myth from the reality of SDN and Network Virtualization
We are working with Dr. Metzler on a new e-book on this hot topic and invite you to take a survey to help us gather information. There are two sections to this survey, and each section should take no longer than 5 minutes. If you qualify for the survey, you will be entered in two drawings for $500 gift cards to (one for each section). We’ll also share with you a summary of the survey results!...


July 2013

A10 Networks Expands Thunder Series Unified Application Service Gateway Family
This is a great time to discover A10! Recently we announced our new entry-level A10 Thunder™ Series, extending our next-generation Application Delivery Controller (ADC) family of Unified Application Service Gateways (UASGs). Joining our award winning high-end Thunder 6430(S) and 5430S are the following new entry-level models: Thunder 3030S, 1030S and 930. All Thunder Series are compact 1 rack-unit (RU) appliances that provide advanced functionality...


May 2013

Announcement: A10 Thunder Series & BOTE 2013 Finalist
We have exciting news at A10! This is the perfect time to discover what A10 has to offer. This month we announced new hardware that provide our customers an incredible business advantage for the Cloud. We introduce the A10 Thunder™ Series for Intelligent Cloud Services and are pleased to announce A10 Thunder Series has been selected as a Microsoft Best of TechEd (BOTE) Finalist for 2013...


March 2013

Refresh: Upgrade your old load balancer today with out new Refresh Program
At A10, we decided it would be the perfect time for Data Centers to do some spring cleaning. We integrated our Refresh and Cisco-ACE Trade-in Programs and introduced a new webinar series this month, How to Replace Your Cisco ACE. The webinar demonstrates the benefits of transitioning from ACE to the AX Series Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs). Join our next webinar on April 24th at 11 am PDT to discover why the AX Series ADCs are the solution to upgrade your Cisco ACE...


February 2013

Is your laptop faster than your load balancer?
Upgrade your old load balancer to a 64-bit AX Series 3030 or 3200-12 Application Delivery Controller! Watch our video and learn more about the AX Series Refresh Program and what our customers say in a recent TechValidate survey...


January 2013

Visit A10 at Mobile World Congress & Watch our Interplay Demo
A10 Networks challenges you to explore The New Mobile Horizon by visiting us at Mobile World Congress, the world's largest exhibition for mobile, on February 25 - 28th at this year's larger and enhanced venue location, Fira Gran Via. A10 is the market leader in Application Networking, IPv4 address preservation and IPv6 migration.



December 2012

Is Page Load Time Affecting Your Bottom Line?
With the rise of mobile devices, more consumers are shifting their spending and research focus online. As an organization you must do everything you can to keep consumers on your website, yet at the same time your competitors are doing everything they can to steer them away. Gomez Research conducted an online study that showed the following results:

  • 74% of users will abandon websites after waiting five seconds for a site to load on their mobile devices
  • 46% of users would not return to a website due to poor performance
  • Conversion rate increases 74% when page load time improves from 8 to 2 seconds


October 2012

A10 Sets New Records for Application Performance and Data Center Security
A10 announced a major hardware, solution and virtualization option update for its AX Series Application Delivery Controller family including:

  • New Hardware
  • New Solutions
  • New Virtualization Options


September 2012

New SoftAX Trial Version
A10 announced a new trial version of its SoftAX, a software-based AX Series Application Delivery Controller (ADC) with the same full range of Layer 4-7 load balancing, application acceleration and security features. SoftAX helps customers and cloud providers to rapidly build cloud environments and deploy as needed based on demand. Installed on commodity hardware atop a hypervisor in less than 10 minutes, SoftAX helps customers reduce hardware costs, deliver on data center consolidation initiatives and gain the flexibility to deploy to compatible Cloud Computing providers.


June 2012

AX Series Application Delivery Controllers: Everything You Need
Massive and accelerating growth in network traffic is driving Application Networking momentum. As business critical applications continue to grow in number and complexity, intelligent tools are required to enable them and ensure the needed operational efficiencies and performance. A10's advanced solutions provide the flexibility to solve critical business challenges in three key areas: Any App, Any Cloud and Any Size.


April 2012

Introducing the AX 3530

A10 recently unveiled the new AX 3530, a record breaking 1 rack unit (RU) appliance delivering 115 Gbps throughput. With solutions to alleviate IPv4 address shortages, such as Carrier Grade NAT (CGN), also known as Large Scale NAT (LSN), and solutions to aid IPv6 adoption, such as NAT64/DNS64, DS-Lite and 6rd, the AX 3530 is flexible to meet diverse needs without having to replace your current infrastructure. The AX 3530 is a carrier-class platform featuring Lights Out Management (LOM) and multiple techniques for greater service protection.


February 2012

Are you ready for IPv6? Stay Connected.
NetworkWorld published a Clear Choice Test of IPv6 features on Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs), including a complete evaluation of product features by Scott Hogg, Chair of the Rocky Mountain IPv6 Task Force, which is one of the largest and most active IPv6 organizations in the world. In this review, A10's 64-bit AX 2500's IPv6 features are tested alongside ADC solutions from vendors such as Cisco, Citrix and F5...


January 2012

A10 Networks Increases Data Center Efficiency with Mid-range AX 3200-12 and AX 3400 Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs)
Today A10 unveiled two new 64-bit models in its AX Series ADC family, the AX 3200-12 and AX 3400. The new models provide significant performance and cost advantages to enterprise organizations and service providers. In addition, AX 3200-12 and AX 3400 are compact and energy efficient 1 Rack Unit (RU) appliances with dedicated Flexible Traffic ASICs (FTAs) for Distributed DoS (DDoS) attack prevention, to enhance data center security...



December 2011

Happy Holidays
Try Web Check version 1.0, our free website optimization test, by entering your details and the website you wish to test to see how A10's AX Series Application Delivery Controllers can improve your website performance...


October 2011

A10 News Flash: AX 1030, 3030 and 5200-11 Announcement
A10 Networks announced new models in its flagship AX Series Applications Delivery Controller (ADC) family for Server Load Balancing, IPv6 Migration and Virtualization. The new AX Series models include new generation hardware to deliver performance, value and efficiency over the competition...


September 2011

Welcome to the Virtual Application Delivery Community
We are proud to announce general availability of our Application Delivery Community (VirtualADC), which has been available in beta for over a year to deliver quick access to technical information and the ability to interact with other community members and subject matter experts...


August 2011

Enable a Smooth IPv6 Transition
This month, A10 announced Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS) version 2.6.4, offering new features and enhancements for IPv6 migration and IPv4 preservation solutions. While organizations address IPv4 address exhaustion and migrations to IPv6, the two protocols will exist in tandem; however being natively incompatible the protocols require sophisticated solutions that enable connectivity and communication...


July 2011

Accelerate your SharePoint 2010 Deployment
Adding to our Microsoft solution set, check out our new Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Deployment Guide to see how the AX Series can provide better robustness, offload security processing and perform intelligent load balancing for SharePoint, a web-based enterprise application for document management and collaboration...


June 2011

World IPv6 Day Report

World IPv6 Day has come and gone. June 8th witnessed the largest number of web sites ever to be available on the IPv6 protocol. The consensus is that the event was a success, as no major issues were reported by participants, at least publicly. To summarize World IPv6 Day...


May 2011

A10 Sets Industry Performance Records
A10's AX Series Application Delivery Controllers are new generation server load balancers with an innovative 64-bit, multi-core CPU architecture that leaps the competition in performance, scalability, efficiency and flexibility. In its newest Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS) 2.6.1 release, A10 announced new hardware and software models and feature enhancements for its AX Series family, delivering the highest performance in their respective categories and providing comprehensive application focused capabilities...


April 2011

Application Delivery Solutions for Microsoft Lync Server 2010
A10's 64-bit AX Series Application Delivery Controllers are certified by Microsoft to deliver application acceleration, load balancing and security for Lync Server 2010 deployments. Microsoft Lync is the new name for the popular Microsoft OCS (Office Communications Server) real-time communication product used by many organizations world-wide...


March 2011

Application Delivery Solutions for Microsoft Exchange 2010
A10's 64-bit AX Series Application Delivery Controllers and SoftAX virtual appliances are certified by Microsoft to deliver application acceleration, load balancing and security for Exchange 2010 deployments...


January 2011

A10 Networks eNewsletter: IPv6 Ready
As we begin 2011, IPv6 migration initiatives come to the foreground for many IT departments worldwide while planning for network growth and requirements over the next couple years...



December 2010

A10 Networks eNewsletter
As we look forward to 2011, we are extremely pleased with our momentum, growth and success. A10's 2010 growth will be 150%, delivering 15 consecutive quarters of growth as a result of our sharp focus on innovation and technology leadership...


November 2010

A10 Networks eNewsletter
As Black Friday and Cyber Monday approach, we're here working to ensure that worldwide customers are able to purchase the best deals online, and at record speeds...


October 2010

A10 Networks eNewsletter
Today, A10 Networks announced AX Series 2.6, a broad range of significant feature enhancements to our entire AX Series family of Application Delivery Controllers, all without additional license fees...


August 2010

A10 Networks eNewsletter
This summer A10 Networks' emerging markets heated up. In addition to our core Application Delivery and Layer 4-7 Server Load Balancing (SLB) market, we are contributing technology innovation for two emerging markets, IPv6 Migration and Cloud Computing & Virtualization, due to popular demand...


July 2010

A10 Networks eNewsletter
June 2010 was a very exciting month for A10 Networks as we received two prestigious awards. Our 64-bit AX Series won Best of Microsoft TechEd in the Networking category for our innovation and contribution to Microsoft applications...Also, A10 was ranked as a Top Ten Bay Area WorkPlace within our small business category by the San Jose Mercury News...


January 2010

AX Series Soft ADC and Virtualization Solutions NewsFlash
Extending the AX Series Application Delivery Controller (ADC) family, A10 introduces a wide range of virtualization options for private or public clouds delivering:



October 2009

64-bit Application Delivery NewsFlash
A10 Networks advances the Application Delivery market with the industry's first 64-bit Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs). The new 64-bit AX Series platforms include A10's Application Delivery OS, called the Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS), which is based on native 64-bit code. A key benefit to the new 64-bit AX Series models is unprecedented scalability and performance through increased memory...


August 2009

A10's AX 5200 Wins Two Best of Show Awards at Interop Tokyo 2009
This is a hot summer for A10 Networks! In June, our AX 5200, the world's fastest Application Delivery Controller, won two Best of Show awards at Interop Tokyo. This is the first time ever for a single product to receive these two top honors at Japan's largest information technology exhibition...


June 2009

Introducing the AX 5200: The World's Fastest Application Delivery Platform
May was a very exciting month at A10. At Interop Las Vegas, we unveiled our new AX 5200, extending our AX Series Advanced Traffic Manager family into the very high-end. Designed for the top Websites, carriers and enterprises, the AX 5200 is the world's fastest Application Delivery platform, delivering a record 3+ million Layer 4 connections per second in a ground breaking compact and energy-efficient 2U platform...


April 2009

AX 1000 NewsFlash
The AX 1000 is a new entry-level model in the AX Series family, delivering competitive Web application server performance at an affordable price. With 2.4+ Gb throughput, the AX 1000 delivers the industry's best performance per Watt per rack unit in an energy-saving "green" form factor...


February 2009

At A10 Networks we continuously make improvements to our AX Series new generation server load balancers, and just completed a significant customer-driven product refresh...



August 2008

The months of June and July were tremendous for A10 Networks. At Interop Tokyo, our AX Series Advanced Traffic Manager won Grand Prix/Best of Interop in the Carrier/ISP category due to its high-performance, comprehensive IPv6 solution...


May 2008

Interop Las Vegas was an exciting show for A10 Networks last month. We introduced VirtualN, the industry's most flexible, high performance and energy efficient solution for Web Application Delivery. VirtualN is a new feature within A10's AX Series of new generation server load balancers that allows customers to scale network performance and throughput linearly with each additional AX device...


February 2008

January 2008 was a very exciting month for A10 Networks. An independent third party test revealed our AX Series Advanced Traffic Manager family delivers more than twice the performance at less than half the price of incumbents such as F5, Citrix and Cisco...



December 2007

2007 has been a very exciting year at A10 Networks. After three years of development with a team of high-performance experts, we delivered our AX Series Advanced Traffic Manager, which won Best of Interop Las Vegas and Best of Interop Tokyo...