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Next Generation DDoS Mitigation: Leveraging Hybrid On-Premise and Cloud Solutions
Date: Tuesday, April 7, 2015
Time: 8:00 am PT / 11:00 am ET / 15:00 UTC

As distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks become increasingly large and complex, most buyers looking to deploy DDoS mitigation begin their investigation by answering one simple question: Do I want to deploy DDoS mitigation products in my infrastructure or instead buy a hosted service? There are pros and cons to both approaches, and a new wave of offerings called hybrid DDoS mitigation solutions strive to combine the best aspects of on-premise and hosted mitigation to maximize security and uptime and minimize cost. This webinar discusses what hybrid DDoS mitigation solutions look like and how they work.

Who Should Attend:
Individuals responsible for security solutions at large enterprises, SMBs, hosting service providers, data center operators and co-location providers, financial analysts and the media.

Key Topics for Discussion:

  • What types of DDoS attacks can be mitigated on premise, and when should you look to the cloud for protection?
  • How can you manage a hybrid on-premise/cloud solution?
  • What kinds of hybrid solutions are available today?
  • Answers to audience questions during live Q&A

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Putting a Stop to Hidden Threats in SSL Traffic

Concerns about internet security and privacy in the wake of continued breaches and data thefts like the recent Sony attack, combined with the revelations of wide-scale spying by the NSA in the Snowden disclosures, has caused a massive spike in the volume of encrypted internet traffic. While encrypting traffic generally improves security posture, it also provides an opportunity for attackers to hide threats inside the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol, because most SSL traffic passes through security controls unchecked. This webinar looks at how attackers use SSL to disguise assaults and what enterprise security teams can do to thwart these threats.

Who Should Attend:
Security professionals at small, medium and large enterprises, financial analysts, and the media.

Key Topics for Discussion:

  • What's causing the massive growth in encrypted traffic
  • Types of attacks hidden in SSL, and the damage they do
  • Solutions for inspecting SSL traffic and uncovering hidden threats
  • Real deployment cases
  • Answers to audience questions during live Q&A

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Driving ROI on Cloud Based Networks

As Cloud and SDN technologies rapidly evolve, IT organizations must develop plans that integrate these technologies to gain operational agility and deliver services on-demand. The fast-emerging cloud architectures create new opportunities, but IT organizations face many challenges in building next-gen data centers. How does SDN impact modern data center architecture? How do you integrate application and security services into the cloud infrastructure? What business and technical elements must you consider when designing a cloud data center? In this program, two of the industry's experts - Gartner Research Vice President Mark Fabbi and A10 Networks Director of Marketing Kishore Inampudi reveal what enterprises must do to take advantage of the emerging SDN and cloud technologies.

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High Performance 100 Gigabit Data Centers with DDoS Protection

The importance of Data Center availability and use of dynamic, on-demand applications is defining the very competitive nature of every company. Network operations is responding to this surge in technological change and flexibility by virtualizing their compute, storage and networking layers, and upgrading their infrastructures through high-speed 100GbE connections. At these speeds the risks from a security misstep are larger than ever—join this webinar event to hear about mitigating steps available to avoid unnecessary trouble as you move from 10GbE to 40GbE and to 100GbE secure networking.

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Is Your Data Center Ready for the Application Economy?
Discover the Power of Application Centric Infrastructure

About a year ago, Cisco launched Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI), their SDN architecture. To mark this anniversary, Cisco will have a webcast jointly with some of their customers and ecosystem partners. In the webcast you will:

  • Hear first-hand from Cisco customers across different verticals how they are deploying ACI to achieve business agility and deal with the challenges imposed by the new Application Economy
  • Hear ACI ecosystem partners discuss multi-vendor innovation in open Data Center environments and how they are working with us to integrate joint solutions.

Learn how you can launch new applications in hours, reduce operations costs, and deliver superior application performance for your business stakeholders and end users. Interact with Cisco and its partners—live Q&A will be provided.

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Last Year's Security Won't Hack It: Planning for Perfect Forward Secrecy, Web Attack Protection, and DDoS Mitigation

The Edward Snowden revelations have turned Internet security on its head. Now, organizations of all sizes are clamoring to prove they protect end users by implementing the most stringent encryption available: elliptic curve cryptography (ECC). Besides bolstering encryption standards, organizations must contend with other growing threats, like Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) and web application attacks.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • Why elliptic curve ciphers improve security
  • Best practices for implementing ECC with ECDHE cipher suites without killing performance
  • Next generation DDoS attacks and mitigation strategies
  • Why attackers have focused their attention on Content Management Systems (CMS) and how you can shield your website from attack

Join Jim Metzler, author and authority on network technology, and Kasey Cross, security evangelist at A10 Networks, to learn the steps you need to take to protect your applications and your network.

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Optimize SSL Certificate Management with Symantec and A10 Networks

Managing a secure SSL environment is getting complex. Recent industry standards and security vulnerabilities required IT to migrate from SHA-1 to SHA-2 hash algorithm, find alternatives for certificates with non-fully-qualified domain (FQDN) names and replace certificates impacted by the Heartbleed vulnerability. In addition, initiatives like Google’s "HTTPS everywhere" or always-on SSL on Google search may increase the deployment of SSL certificates in an organization. All these changes add to the challenges of managing SSL certificates.

In the meantime, IT managers have to continue to provide optimal system performance to meet their users’ needs while staying within their budget.

Attend this exclusive webinar to:

  • Discover recent changes and challenges with SSL certificate management
  • Learn how you can minimize time and resources in monitoring and managing SSL certificates with Symantec Certificate Intelligence Center (CIC)
  • Find out how you can optimize the performance of SSL encryption and decryption with the A10 Thunder Application Delivery Controller (ADC) from A10 Networks

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Programmable L4-L7 Application Networking Services - must have for Cloud IaaS

Cloud IaaS delivers vastly greater business agility, service provisioning times, and economics. Cloud IaaS requires that underlying infrastructure be automated and scalable to build an on-demand delivery model providing dynamic and consistent services in a shared, multi-tenant environment. In order to do so, it is critically important that a seamless integration of application networking services with other data center infrastructure is needed to deliver dynamic L4-7 services and automated policy enforcement for service- level agreements (SLAs) and compliance in a shared, multi-tenant environment.

In this session you will learn how Integration with centralized orchestration systems with flexible RESTful APIs ensure accurate and unified configuration of network application services reducing manual configuration tasks and speeding time to implementation.

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Scalable DDoS Protection driven by SDN Monitoring Fabrics

Learn about a joint dynamic solution that leverages the power of A10 Threat Protection System (TPS) with Big Tap Monitoring Fabric, based on bare metal switching and SDN. The solution enables scalable traffic visibility, and rapid "mean time to mitigation" of network-wide DDoS attacks. The combined solution of Big Tap and Thunder TPS allows unmatched programmability and an unprecedented scale of your network defenses.

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Service Chaining and SDN: Delivering Secure and Accelerated Infrastructure

Legacy data center network architectures are typically static, inflexible and manually provisioned, making them unsuitable for the scale and agility required of a cloud business model. Emerging cloud delivery models incorporate automated service provisioning in a virtualized, multi-tenant environment to achieve scale and agility. Dynamic service chaining is a critical component in building an on-demand model for consumption of L4-L7 application network services. In this session we will cover how dynamic service chaining is integrated into the SDN and cloud orchestration platforms to deliver a highly available, secure and accelerated infrastructure.

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Uncover Cyber Threats in SSL Traffic and Scale Network Security

Attackers can leverage encryption to conceal their exploits and evade detection. A10 Networks and FireEye have partnered to provide full visibility into SSL encrypted traffic.

Attend this webinar and learn how you can:

  • Eliminate the blind spot in your corporate defenses with SSL Intercept
  • Prevent data breaches by detecting advanced threats
  • Maximize uptime with load balancing
  • Scale performance to successfully counter cyber attacks
  • Optimize performance of FireEye deployments with traffic filtering

Join Kasey Cross, Product Marketing at A10 Networks, and Ruby Sharma, World Wide Strategic Alliances at FireEye, to understand today's most dangerous threats and the risks imposed by SSL encryption. Then find out how A10 Thunder ADC can intercept SSL communications and how the FireEye Threat Prevention Platform can detect and stop advanced cyber attacks.

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Why Migrate Cisco Ace to A10 ADCs?

How to Replace Your Cisco ACE: Discover why A10 Thunder™ Unified Application Service Gateways (UASGs) and the AX Series Application Delivery Controllers (ADC) are the solution to upgrade your Cisco ACE

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March Events

CeBITCeBIT - Hannover, Germany
March 16-20
Zorg & ICTZorg & ICT - Utrecht, the Netherlands
March 18-20
World Hosting DaysWorld Hosting Days - Rust, Germany
March 24-26
IETF 92IETF 92 - Dallas, TX
March 22-27

April Events

RSA ConferenceRSA Conference - San Francisco, CA
April 20–24, Booth #1133
IPv6 SummitIPv6 Summit - Greenwood Village, CO
April 22-23
InteropInterop - Las Vegas, NV
April 27-May 1

May Events

Microsoft IgniteMicrosoft Ignite - Chicago, IL
May 4 – 8, 2015
OpenStack SummitOpenStack Summit - Vancouver, BC
May 18 – 22, 2015, booth #T42
VelocityVelocity - Santa Clara, CA
May 27-29, Booth #315

June Events

Cisco LiveCisco Live - San Diego, CA
June 7–11, 2015, booth #3227

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Black HatBlack Hat - Las Vegas, NV
August 2 - 7, 2015, Booth #1135

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VMworldVMworld - San Francisco, CA
August 30 - September 3, 2015

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Gartner ITxpo SymposiumGartner ITxpo Symposium - Orlando, FL
October 4-8
Oracle OpenWorldOracle OpenWorld - San Francisco, CA
October 25-29

December Events

Gartner Data Center ConferenceGartner Data Center Conference - Las Vegas, NV
December 7-10


PacketPushers Podcast - Introducing A10 Networks
In this sponsored show, the PacketPushers crew introduces A10 Networks and it's all about application delivery controllers, load balancers and speed like you have never seen.

As you struggle to keep your infrastructure from getting crushed by growing data traffic, users and devices, many of you have turned to application network solutions like load balancers and Application Delivery Controllers to help improve performance and security.

Over the course of this podcast, we will cover:
  • Who is A10 Networks & what do we do?
  • What products does A10 offer?
  • What differentiates A10 from other vendors in the Application Networking space?
  • How are we addressing the movement of applications to the cloud?

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